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  1. AtomskTheKing

    Huggie Bear and after thirty years I still have him, no joke.

  2. Hilzie

    I am a teddy bear aficionado, although my first one given to me the day I was born was made and named by my parents: Bartholomew, Bart for short. The gave me multitudes after that and I continue my love with the famed Build-a-bear workshop but Bart still remains my favorite and closest to my heart.
    Some of my fave names were Slartibartfast (from Hitchiker's guide), Boris Bearsworth, Hamish Carppacio Floodsworth and Mary Scottsworth.

  3. Suz

    I cannot recall my bears from childhood but I still have a big, soft, pudgy bear I got for my 16th Christmas. I named him McCabe from the old movie "McCabe & Mrs Miller" – I had watched it Christmas eve. I still have him but he sits high on a shelf away from my dogs, lol.

  4. Tricia

    I had a rabbit fur koala stuffed with straw named Koba. Believe it or not he had a scowl that looked similar to Wilson's face. I guess since he didn't have regular stuffing it gave him a bad outlook. Alas, I loved him to death.

  5. Michelle

    His name was Bear Nobody Wanted. I got it at Chukie Cheeses and it has a blue sweater the says XXL Property of Chuckie Cheeses. I still have that bear!

  6. Courtney

    Mumby – A rabbit that had no gender from what I can remember.
    Mumby and I were eating cereal one day and I spilt some on "him/her by accident. I put Mumby by the heater to dry and Mumby got set on fire. Mum had to amputate Mumby's ear, and I was horrified to find Mumby hanging by it's ear off the clothes line drying. I still remember to this day thinking how barbaric that was of Mum to peg Mumby up that way lol.

  7. Donnie Wilson

    I never had a teddy bear, but I had a small stuffed german shepard named Sammy. He was a dude. Not really sure why I named him Sammy. I still have him, but wilson would be an awesome addition to my bed.

  8. MkEss

    CRAZY MONKEY BEAR!!! I still have him, just a standard teddy bear but when you squeez his hand he starts screaming like a monkey, I love that thing.

  9. Retro603

    Little Brother :)
    Just gave him to my lady for valentines day.

  10. d2star

    bei bei.. which means teddybear in chinese haha i am so coool 8)

  11. nikkinik

    I had three favourite bears when I was little: grandpa bear (grey & black with a bowtie), papa bear (brown with a bowtie) and baby bear (the little one with a bib)…sooo original :)

  12. moss420

    my bear's name was oliver, he's from saudi arabia and i just recently found him in a box. my 3 yr old daughter loves him now! i should put one of her kidrobot shirts on him to make him look hip and up to date. the poor guy is from 86, hes got some catching up to do lol

  13. Abz Romero

    mine was called "Teddy-Adrian". Dunno why, but i ended up having "Adrian" as my middle name!

  14. Leslie

    Awww, I don't think I ever had a teddy bear. I had a stuffed dog named Brownie (yes he was brown). I still have the little guy too. Come to think of it I don't think my son has ever had a traditional bear either. He prefers dogs and monsters.

  15. Sunny

    Brown Bear. He is a brown bear. If I was feeling creative, "Brownie" for short, and as I got older, "Baron Von Brown Eye". For what it's worth, he still lurks in my bed sometimes.

  16. Retarded_Post

    Curly Pubis. He had the same hair as my old neighbor's "special willy", so I figured I'd name him something similar to preserve the memories.

  17. Joelle

    I had a little teddy named fuzz, he kinda looked like the wilson (smoking version) plush! Now i'm all grown up and 20 years old.. and have 2 plush labbtis in bed with by boyfriend and i lol.

    • Bergerbot

      yellowy? really? thats so lame (no offense…i realize you were probably 2-3 yrs old…but any older and its inexcusable)

  18. Meh

    My teddy's name was Not Fluffy Wuffy, yes i know, fluffy wuffy was a bear…

  19. Bobby-Lou

    Dawney, which was baby way of saying Daniel.
    He's Guardian of My Pillows.

  20. jemappellekat

    Annie. And I'm not a kid anymore but I still have her.

  21. its420brother

    Tricky Dick

    Swear to god, I was born in '71 and had now idea about Nixon or politics, but i think I heard that phrase on the news and attached it to my beloved bear.
    God, I miss him.

  22. mary

    I had a LOT of koalas and ingeniously named them after cities in Australia

  23. domi

    wanksta, whitey, smokey, richard, theodore…. those are the only onesi can remember