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  1. antveiga

    My wallet, my locker keys. My house keys about 3 dimes(…), my cellphone, my mp3 player and headphones.

  2. Ryan S

    element wallet with 25 bucks in it,and a dog buiscuit so he will follow me around

  3. Gigi

    my Gloomy Bear coin purse, my Victoria Secret’s minty lip gloss, and the Britney Spear’s Circus Tour ticket stub from Madison Square Garden last night ;)

  4. Heather

    iPhone, Wallet, $1.18 in change. Opposite of interesting.

  5. Ash

    a condom, $12 dollars an empty dime bag and an M&M’s wrapper

  6. KaMo

    Today I have my Robot series 4 keychain,my wallet with $3.00,a letter to my attorney,a copy of a price list for my next exhibition,and,my notebook which I carry everyday.

  7. Agent R

    wallet, iphone, packet of Ranch Dressing. Which I just threw away.

  8. Carmen

    iPod, lipgloss, keys, awusome just found a $20 bill, hand sanitizer

  9. jonpaulkaiser

    St George by Duffer wallet. Keys, phone, Fry’s “Turkish Delight” wrapper.

  10. maraudandembezzle

    A fortune from a fortune cookie that says “luck is not on your side today”, $1.60 in change, a small purple plastic fortune cat, my cell phone, a usps reciept, oart of a beggin’ strips a dog treat don’t ask), and a folded up piece of paper with an address on it. :)

  11. ale

    -a dismissable lighter bought in paris 4 years ago (it seems never to die!)
    -that little peice of papaer that came at the top of cigarrettes boxes (the one that read “pull”)

  12. Bergerbot

    keys, condom, cell-phone, money, cigarettes, cigars, lighter

    all necessary for a night out

  13. west

    I have a pistol in my pocket and i’m not just happy to see you. Also got a wocket in my pocket and a rocket for the wocket in my pocket.

  14. will shaw

    chap stick,itouch, my wallet ( 60 bucks, my license, debit card, school i.d,some sketches)

  15. HOTTIE

    Iphone, lighter, keys to my house, a wallet full of pennys, and some #s from a bunch of hot chicks that I met at a bar.

  16. NotNotARobot

    iPhone, sharpie, house keys in case I make it home,

    Wallet in back pocket but no money look at all I own,

    Maxed out credit card, notes with your numbers on,

    I found a couple quarters now I can ride the bus along,

    Gotta list with your address, I’ll see you when I finish this…

    Im out, keep up the Kronikle.

  17. FairieGodmother

    Green Carabiner with keys, holy medal from Lourdes, Serenity Prayer medallion, Sprint cell phone, Motorola bluetooth headset, PhD Multi pen, labradorite, mini MagLite

  18. manu

    always a kidrobot recepit, 100 bucks, my wallet with 32 luckies zipper pulls…

  19. Sarah

    Student/work ID, lip balm, nail clippers, 3 bobby pins, 2 rubber bands.

  20. SteveOramA

    extra small munny on my keychain, house & bike keys, sony mp3 player, trolley pass, cell phone, wallet

  21. caranoid

    Umm I guess I should have left my pants on to answer this question… usually there is lint, keys, and phone

  22. littlefishink

    a receipt to the Food Zone
    tape measure, (crochet hook in my hair)
    le pen : one of the best pens
    mini sharpie
    Identification, Goodwill monthly free book card & spend than more than 5 card,inactive ATM card & EBT card
    bobby pins (3)
    a nip of christian bros
    and right now…
    a lighter and my ipod (that i found on the bus)

  23. Cesar G

    My DC wallet, iPod Touch, and my house keys with a kidrobot keychain attacted to it.

  24. RubbyDucky

    a blue poo bag for a dog I am dog-watching today. and to clarify..there is no poo in the bag…yet.

  25. GRCnyc

    iphone, metrocard, debit, keys, Heineken cap, a ny fat, an orange deco color and what i thought was a blue lighter… until i tried to spark a cig with a monger. i need more sleep.

  26. Shane Petroni

    Jade buddah in the left pocket and creative Zen X-fi in the right pocket

  27. ryan the wheelbarrow

    my blue victorinox swiss card lite, uni-ball vision black ink pen, a moleskine sketchbook, 2 dollars, 2 quarters, and 3 dimes, and some moustache wax my grandpa gave me.

  28. Eric

    1st pocket:zune,2 bucks,recipt from lunch,1.58 in change, 2nd pocket:cellphone. 3rd pocket,house keys, rental car keys paycheck stub, last pocket: wallet ( 173 bucks, drivers licence, credit cards… thats it

  29. Jay Fingers

    Keys, wallet, handkerchief, $15.50, and a Canon PowerShot SD1200IS. Because you never know. ;)

  30. Andrew

    $1.35(vending machine money), wallet, iPhone, key, a movie ticket stub to ponyo and a reciept from Target for season 12 of the simpsons and 2 hotwheels.

  31. Mr. Ice Cream Man

    Lint, Pennies, Bit O Honey empty candy wrapper, 50 cent piece {not like the artist’s gun}

  32. ivan

    cellphone, keys, and some garbaje like crumbled paper :)

  33. SkitDinoSaurio

    A Wallet, 27 Cents A Cellphone a key and a receipt from TREASURES!?!?!?! Wtf? When did i go to las vegas?

  34. indigo

    I have no pockets. But if I do, usually they carry some change and a lighter and my phone. And some Montana caps. Grey cap blue dots. And lipgloss.

  35. joybedesign

    a little bit of lint, a starbucks receipt, lipbalm that tastes like a summer shandy, and my buddychub usb flash drive. i’m sat at my desk, usually my iphone is in one of my pockets as well.

  36. droppixel

    same thing that was in my pockets when I answered this on facebook, minus a little lint cause it fell out…

  37. Atomos

    iPhone, latida records 1″ button, 8 GB DataTraveler, $5 Canadian and a really rough sketch I made on the back of a grocery list.


    Ipod, gum, phone, Kidrobot key chain + keys, and a snack.

  39. paulxl

    Right now? Just a piece of toilet paper. It’s not used. Usually my pockets are full of stuff.

  40. InFaMoUs I

    Cellphone, wallet, keys, not to mention a yummy brown keychain!

  41. Newf

    $7 that I did not know was in there until I tried responding to your question.

  42. riverpost

    Phone wallet key ring cosisting of X-large paperclip an glow inthe dark plastic skull with some keys

  43. Hans

    my $80 KidRobot SF receipt and no Bender mini to show for it. WTF????

  44. CanYouSayPao

    Gucci wallet, Samsung Impression phone, pack of cigs, a lighter, keys with kidrobot keychain, chapstick

  45. M.worthy

    In my pockets I have… house keys w/ creeative rec. Grey kidrobot and various store clubcards attached, $0.05, winged bear eraser taken from my son, wallet, tmobile g-1, car keys with pink kid robot skateboard.

    Whatr am I missing? Normally I would have a pen.

  46. Millie

    keys with Kidrobot keychain! and a change of major petition form :(

  47. Miki

    Coffee punch card, debit card, hair tie, two “Keep This Coupon” tickets from a raffle, Starbucks gift card, $0.50, small plastic bag (once contained a necklace, now empty).

  48. hughes

    Orbit gun box, $3.22, Subway Receipt, phone and ear buds.

  49. Sirroe

    Wallet,Itouch,Digital Camera (cracked screen), keys with a KR plush attached

  50. Crystal

    10 cents, a 20 dollar bill, tissue, l’occitane Purtifying Essential Oil, BlackBerry, Ipod, Burts Bees

  51. anthony

    Billionaire Boy’s Club diamonds and dollars running dog wallet & Head Porter coin purse in the right. IPhone in the left

  52. Kayce

    Absolutely nothing today :( Usually – keys, phone, pack of gum.