Kidrobot Asks: Who’s your False Friend?

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We love Coarsetoy’s brand new False Friends Loser, and it has us wondering…if you had a robot sidekick what would it look like and what could it do?

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32 Responses

  1. Vidnix

    My sidekick robot would have a set of spare leg for all the times that I have my foot in my mouth!

  2. crackwh0re

    my personal robot would look like a white tiger cub, speak in english/japanese, eat dogs, takes care of its self, maul anyone i pleased(so it must have super strength), and preform circus acts in which i can make money off of.

  3. Duncan Van Halluciphile

    "blathering blatherskite"
    My GizmoDuck would be able to access or recreate any of Fenton Crackshell's previous inventions. For example, upon command, he would hand only to me the stopwatch from episode 43, "Time Teasers." With kinship of such a robot buddy, many possibilities could come to fruition.

  4. andres

    my robot sidekick would be like big with like bigmachine guns for arms and and with sharp razorblades all over and like missles that come out of his back along with jet packs and with a bunch of flame throwers and not to forget a big flower on his chest….you know to add to the manliness

  5. Matt

    My Robot would totally be Number 5 from Short Circuit, There is no robot better than Number 5.

  6. Paul

    My sidekick robot would be a mobile atm machine that could talk,read and write and had the ability to bribe my way out of anything. The only downfall would be that everyone would probable try and steal my sidekicks technology and sell it on ebay……Oh and his name would be Wilson, my robohomey Wilson.

  7. Edwin

    If I had a robot sidekick he would have to look like Alphonse Elric from full metal alchemist and his ability would be to think for himself learn from his mistakes and look up to me as his big brother. His name would be FAW(Faith and War)Why?? Because that’s what mostly the world is based upon on and my sidekick will also be my bestfriend and my P.I.C(Partner in Crime) but most important family!!

  8. Pituvision Page

    Mine would be a Smaller version of myself!!! It would turn in to Optimus Prime!!! and kick ass all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also it would turn in to Rachael Ray and cook for me!

  9. jkwan

    my robot sidekick would probably a monkey. Not one of those skinny chimp things that are irritating as heck. My robot monkey would be like the evil monkey in family guy only it would have laser beams shooting from its eyes and makes espressos on command.

  10. wyldaxe

    If I had a robot sidekick it would look just like me. What would it do… well, it would take my place at work of course so I could spend my time doing what I want and not working all day. ;o)

  11. molaro

    My robot sidekick would look like Six from Battlestar Galactica and she would totally treat me like Baltar! Almighty tough love and guidance all the way!

  12. Benvt

    It would look exactly like me. It would be able to do anything that I don't want to do!

  13. Brandonwoelfel

    My sidekick would be yellow and be about 6 feet tall and would have really big lips and a little pocket to store vinyl toys in ………….and it would go around secretly and steal rare vinyl toys and bring them back to me for my collection =)!

  14. HSS

    My robo-sidekick would look like Kim Kardashian in that bunny suit…. and she'd do whatever she wanted.

  15. Christian Hafer

    Mine would be a raving lunatic of a banana dressed in a spider monkey costume and he would throw me burritos instead of poo!

  16. HSS

    My robot sidekick would look like Kim Kardashian in that Noop's bunny suit. It (she) would do anything it wants to!

  17. Jose

    My sidekick would be a bit shorter than me, maybe around 5'2, it would have the ability to give me a copy of any toy I desire, it would also be my own personal computer/cellphone that would deliver me all the current info on all my favorite artist. My side kick robot would have a face that looks somewhere between a mixture of Kathie Olivas scavengers and brand peters serv-o-matics. Its build would be similar to the one found on coarse toys, with very built midsection and a very defined face. My sidekick would even have its own side kick…he would be a walking display case with never ending display area for me to display all my great pieces of art….and oh! of course we would be bestest friends…sometimes false friends, but always friends!

  18. Keenan

    My sidekick robot would be like a robotic ghost. It would do good deeds for people in need. Casper is his homeboy

  19. MLMD

    My robot sidekick would look like the Kidrobot trademark figure and stand 6 feet tall. His special talent would be that he poops out any vinyl art piece I want!!! We'd be BFF's!!!

  20. Carson Alexander

    mine would be a dib from invader zim head and a juggernaut body from X Men comics. It would be an awsome skateboarder and would skateboard with me all the time.

  21. MacIX

    It would definitely be a fembot like in the movie Austin Powers. Except for spraying bullets from its breasts, it would distribute acrylic paints in various colors. This would assist me in my DIY endeavors, handing me super sculpy and brushes as she complimented me on my toy building skills.

  22. Nate Held

    Mine would be a dog that shoots knifes out of its mouth, and farts bubble gum.


  23. Bergerbot

    mine would be a pleasure model…kind of like Black Velveteen from that Lenny Kravitz song

  24. Alaina Gardner

    It would be sober with no inhibitions, kind of like Eve before eating from the tree of knowledge. Pastel-coloured and genuine. It could dance, and create.

  25. Space Bee

    I already have one, he’s a futuristic Aztec Cyber Bunny called Popacatabot. He protects me from the onslaughts of corporate mismanagement with his Chain Mail Of Cheeriness.