Kidrobot Asks: Who’s Your Favorite Artist?

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We want to know, who is your favorite artist?

They can be living or dead, painter, sculptor or toy maker. Just keep it to the visual arts.

Leave your answer in the comments!

98 Responses

  1. Dewmuffins

    Geppetto. I like that thing he did with the puppet.

    Serious for a moment. Sorry, can’t narrow it down to one.

    Tado (M+K),
    Friends with You (S+T),
    Meomi (M+V),
    Tara McPherson,
    Mark Ryden,
    Kathie Olivas,
    & Nathan Jurevicius.

    a fictional character, is the creator of Pinocchio

  2. apre

    My own brain is my favorite artist.
    It has all the features you would expect an outstanding artist to have. You can not see it, that’s why you can focus only on what it does, not what it looks like. It produces extraordinary and eccentric images i can easily call parallel worlds. It collaborates with other artists such as my hands and my eyes. It is alive, so I myself can interact with it. And finally it is the biggest inspiration i could ever have.

  3. its420brother

    Mark Disuvero
    Joan Miro
    Yoskay Yamamoto
    Alexander Calder
    Kenny Scharf
    August Rodin
    Mark Ryden
    Keith Haring

    My top 10, in no particular order…

  4. lego bricks

    banksey by far.

    but i also love the work of flying fortress, JA, and kronk.

  5. m0ethah0e

    my favorite artist is MaD MaD MaD MaD MaD MaD MaD MaD MaD MaD MaD MaD, Jesse Hernandez, KANO, Pon, Brent Nalasco, Jason Maloney, Ron English, COPE2, SKET-ONE, Brandt Peters

  6. Chris

    Pushead, since I was much younger…
    Alex Pardee, stuff from his last show blew my mind…
    Todd Schorr… just wow.

  7. The Baroness

    So many awesome people listed here. And too many to choose from –
    Tara McPherson
    Alex Pardee
    The Beast Brothers
    Matt Groening
    Doze Green

  8. Justin Chance

    gonna go a little cliche but
    Takashi Murakami = must
    Yinka Shinoibare
    Yoshitomo Nara
    Takato Yamamoto
    Jin Young Yu

  9. Charlie Brown

    Definitely up and comer from Chicago: Mr. YoYoArse

  10. Alex Brown

    Tara McPherson, Audrey Kawasaki, Stella Im Hultberg, Insa, Mike Giant, Julie West, Junko Mizuno, and Tilt

  11. David Edwards

    Doug Hyde is probably my favourite fine artist.

    Urban artist I think I’d have to go for Joe Ledbetter, great street vibe about his work!…

  12. eltoromuerto

    JC Leyendecker

    Love the classics!

  13. joeyrmn4

    honestly, right now its squidnik on the discussion boards. I would say kozik but I was not a fan of his last dunny design.

  14. Phil TH

    Toulouse Lautrec

    PAul KLee

    Sas Christian

    Amanda Visell
    Michelle Valigura
    Joe Ledbetter

    Jon Paul Kaiser

    Ask about the top ten guys this is no fair !

  15. Johnson

    I don’t understand why putting a cigarette on everything would be considered art, but anyway my faves are Joe Ledbetter and Huck Gee!

  16. carcrashheather

    Botticelli- The Birth Of Venus is amazing.

    Amanda Visell

    And since I’m an english major I’m going to say writing is an art!

    Don Delillo
    Paul Auster
    Christopher Moore

    I won’t bore you :)

  17. Rainer

    1)Joe Ledbetter
    2)Huck Gee
    3)Frank Kozik
    4)Amanda Visell

  18. kul

    Pablo Picaso and Frank Kozik, two artists with different perspective, but both with arts beyond imagination.

  19. trustinSTARS

    And no one has said Andy Warhol yet?
    “One’s company, two’s a crowd, but three’s a party.”

  20. E.B.M

    2.Huck Gee
    3.Frank Kozik
    4.Joe ledbetter

    top 5 faves ever!!!

  21. YoMi

    alway even as a kid
    salvador dali:Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee
    around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening

  22. Miguellll

    in love with Huck Gee artwork
    and in love with Shepard Fairey’s obey art
    and next would be Amanda Vissel.

  23. FunkShun

    i’m diggin on a few….

    Da Vinci
    Robert Williams
    Jason Freeny
    Huck Gee
    Joe Ledbetter

  24. J@

    tara mcpherson
    ron english
    alex pardee
    blaine fontana



  26. PJ

    MAD, KRONK, SKET, PON, BRANDT PETERS, SHANE. Not only they are great artists, but they are also amazing friends.

  27. Christine

    Tara McPherson
    Huck Gee
    Buff Monster

    When I met them, they were so nice!!!

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  29. Nate T

    Mike Davis
    George Thompson
    Wes Winship
    Amanda Visell
    Kathie Olivas

    Auguste Rodin – The Gates of Hell visited Minneapolis when I was a kid. One of the most amazing sculptures I’ve ever seen.

  30. amy rebollo



  31. David Sparks

    Kozik hands down. cliche probably but i dont care. totally addicted to his style.

    next would have to be kaws or buff monster.

  32. Ribski

    Dave Kinsey.
    Love his paintings, 3 piece figure set he did, and the diecut skateboard was really wild.

  33. Hot Rod


    Alex Pardee
    Tara McPherson
    H.R. Giger
    Jamie Hewlett


    Michelangelo (of course)
    Roy Lichtenstein

  34. pandabandit12

    right now i’m obsessed with Kathie Olivas, kozyndan, and Dok A!

  35. KMC

    I asked this question ten years ago in a performance called “Unspoken Word”. Personally, Its Keith Haring because he was the only one to believe in me. I owe everything to our friendship.

  36. Alyssa

    Alex Pardee
    Sam Flores
    Nate Van Dyke
    Greg “Craola” Simkins
    Aaron Hawks (yea so he’s a photographer, it’s still art!)

    All time favourites.

  37. Angi

    Dave White, he is the greatest and so unique in his style!

  38. STMC

    Alphonse Mucha – because he was 100 years ahead of his time , he created the idea of posters as art , and his linework and illustration are still unparalleled to this day. His use of line was ( and still is ) next level – and even today it influences just about everyone who illustrates or paints. There are a thousand amazing artists I can think of – but Mucha is the bomb! Maybe ask for top 10 favorite artists next time and give the rest of ’em a chance! haha.

  39. Wendooku

    M.C. Escher. That’s why I have his art tattooed on me.

  40. The Sandman

    Joe Ledbetter, closely followed by Amanda Visell. Michelangelo didn’t suck either. ;)

  41. coffeeplusmusic

    Let’s stick to the living ones. Currently obsessed with:

    Brooks Salzwedel
    Edwin Ushiro
    Joao Ruas