Kidrobot Dallas Closing Sale

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It comes with much sorrow, but the time has come to bid farewell to our long running pop-up shop, Kidrobot Dallas. However, we are going out with a bang. There will be 30% off all items and 50% off select cases. So come and get it while the getting is good.

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  1. terri

    My son and I loved this store and the staff here. We did not know about the closing and came by to get a new Dunny to celebrate his graduation to 5th grade. We were very sad to see that KR had closed and that we didn't get a chance to say goodbye to the staff. We are equally disappointed we did not know about the sale…..where can you get Dunny's now? Just online?

    • Cindi

      You can still find a few Kidrobot items in town. Urban Outfitters (Mockingbird Station) as well as We Are 1976 (Knox/Henderson area) may carry a few Dunny's.

  2. Max

    I might have a trading party or just showing off your collection party

  3. Bridg :)


  4. Scott Higgins

    Maybe someone should open up their own designer toy shop in the DFW in the wake of KR leaving, or even take over that space since it's so nicely set up for it. What do the people think? Would you still go even though it was not an offical KR Shop, but Carried their Toys?

    • MacIX

      Yeah Monster Bot Studios should set up shop and feature some MacIX customs. ;)

  5. the Zatto's

    We were completely heartbroken to hear the bad news! We will miss you guys! We can't thank the KR crew enough for always treating us like VIP's especially our son. James, only you could rock a captains hat & look hot! – thanks for always taking care of us! April, thank you for making my husband easily drop $ with your sweet smile! Josh, you're knowledge of Madonna cracks me up! – good luck with film school! Paul, your ability to guess @ Dunny's by squeezing the box never really worked for us – we still love you anyway! Tony, although you are quite a handsome dude – we still think your girlfriend is way too hot for you! Brantley, thanks for keeping the line running smoothly during events! too bad though, would've liked to see you open up a can of whoop ass on someone! & last but not least…Lauren, you're a doll! i'm sure Dante will miss seeing your pretty face!

  6. empire

    Last month I emailed Kidrobot to ask if they would be at Dragon Con this year and if so would they be releasing Dunny 2010 early there. They emailed back and said that they would not be at Dragon Con this year and that Dunny 2010 would be released June 8th 2010. I am just stating what they emailed me and it is up to you to decide if you believe it or not. I am glad they told me so I have plenty of money saved up to get a few boxes because there is a 1/400 and as a chase chaser that excites me.

  7. Not Surprised

    And the empire starts its decline….

  8. matte1210

    its just another FU to the KR fan thats not in LA SF or NYC

  9. peterose

    That would be odd for the dunnys to be released on a Tuesday

    • Bergerbot

      it would be quite odd…i don't trust this so called "empire"
      you must support the rebel cause young "peterose"…May the 4th be with you

    • Bergerbot

      it would be quite odd…i don't trust this so called "empire"
      you must support the rebel cause young "peterose"…May the 4th be with you

  10. empire

    Why would the store not wait til after June 8th when the next Dunny set comes out? That would be the way to cash out the most.

  11. droppixel

    Yeah how much for the Carpet and then add $1 to whatever MAD is going to pay you ;)

  12. corecorina

    Dear Kid Robot,

    Please come set up a Pop Up Shop in Toronto… where people like me are obsessed with your awesome toy styles and would never let you forget how much we love ya :)


    Corina :)

  13. Bergerbot

    Not in the forseeable future! :-) Hooray!

  14. Kristan

    Shut the front door! My heart's all deflated now. Really???????

    Which one of us nerds is hosting the goodbye trading party?

  15. kyle1point0

    I echo everyone else's statements. Very sad to see you all go. You can bet I'll be in there a few more times before you close the door for the final time.

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  17. Stacey

    So very sad! I hate to see the store close and not open another one in the metroplex!

  18. andy helgeson

    as someone who has dropped thousands of dollars at the KR Dallas store……i'm very sad to them go. the staff are all bad asses and have been nothing but cool to my wife and me every time we step foot in the store.

    i'm very glad for the short time KR was here and i really do hope that KR makes it's way back to Dallas in some form or fashion. ASAP.

    Props to the KR Dallas Staff….if i knew any of their names, i'd give them individual shout outs, but i'm not good at names.

    thanks for taking my money KR D…..there's a reason my friends and i call you Kid Paycheck!!!

  19. JohnnyL

    whens the last day..i plan on going to dallas on may 10th!