Kidrobot Presents, The 2009 Robos!

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updated 12/15/09

Nominations for The Kidrobot 2009 Robo Awards

Let the Award Nominations Begin!

Ladies and Gentleman of the esteemed Academy of Vinyl Toys and Culture (that’s you),
This year we gather to select from amongst us, the very best. We recognize those who have furthered our goals, exemplified our values, and caused us to pause while browsing the web. But most of all, we salute those who made this year memorable.

And so we open the nominations for the highest honors Kidrobot can bestow: The Robos!

Each of five general areas: Toys, Apparel, Artists, Geek, and Culture include prizes in several categories, and we need you to nominate worthy candidates for The 2009 Robos. Nominations are now open through December 18! After that KRonikle readers vote, we’ll tabulate the scores and announce the winners!

And best of all, we’ll send FREE prizes to a random selection of KRonikle readers who participate! Just type in your nomination for any or all of the categories below.

The Robos Nominations are now closed. Check back on Monday 12/21/09 when voting begins and you can elect your favorite Robo nominees to go down in history!

19 Responses

  1. PowerDrome

    Nice! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

  2. Pagemac

    I agree.. what was with the celeb gossip & best dressed nominations.. who gives a shit about that stuff..

  3. rjl

    Best Dunny design of 2009? Kronk’s Tree Huggr/AWOL/Snowflake (and it’s 3″ endangered brother).

  4. jackcuzzy

    Best dunny designs this year were Superkitch and Doktor A

    Of all time? French GT, El Locos and Black Voodoo.

  5. e-nix

    I dont think they meen dunnys from older series… just 2009 ^

    I was verry well pleased with the Touma Bear from the Endangered serie!! GID and a total new dunny figuren wich look freaking great.

    But huck gee 2009, JLED endangered, Mad ape, sket one pig, kozik walrus… all good for a place in my top 10

    btw, was YOE dok a 2009? if so that would deff be in my top 3 to

  6. Brian

    Best Dunny Design – French GT……..or it would have been Big Mouth by Deph or the Burnt Gingerman Chase by Kronk……

    Toy of the Year – hands down the MUNNY…..only because it has been the #1 customized vinyl toy out there!!!

  7. jonpaulkaiser

    Best mini-fig series would have been good. PO! or KidAcne for my money!

  8. pandabandit12

    yay, that was fun….missing a best mini-series category =[ some hella good ones came out like Pure trance, and gamma mutant space friends…

    excited to see the top nominees and place my final votes =]

  9. rustedhalo

    I agree with BergerBot, I don’t give a crap about celebrity garbage, it has nothing to do with art or the vinyl toy community. I also don’t care about fashion styles and hot trendy shoes. Lets stick to art and vinyl toys huh guys.

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  11. droppixel

    There are some in there that I would consider a lock and would be shocked if they didn’t get it.

  12. BergerBot

    cut out the celebrity stuff KR…it doesn’t matter and that is not what we vinyl community is about*

    *The Vinyl Community does not necessarily endorse or share the opinions of this message or the blogger Bergerbot