Kidrobot Throwback Thursday: Homer Buddha

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Thursdays are great aren’t they? It means that its almost the end of the week and it’s considered one of the days that its social acceptable to begin drinking! This time to celebrate a claaaasic throwback, Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking is going to talk about Homer Buddha! 

The world is crazy, so its important to take the time to reconnect with your happy place every now and again.  Kidrobot will help you center your chi with this Homer Buddha vinyl figure.  At only three inches tall you could place this symbol of tranquility just about anywhere he might be needed.  Put one on your desk at work and suddenly your annoying coworkers no longer test your nerves.  Put one in the car and let Homer’s calming spirit dilute your road rage to minor road annoyance.  Keep one in your pocket during family gatherings and those stories you’ve heard over and over will magically have plot points that make sense.  That last one is a stretch, cause nothing could help Uncle Steve with his lack of character development.

   Zen is not easily achieved, but you’re definitely on the right path with this guy.  He’s available now at