Kidrobot Throwback Thursday: The 13 by Brandt Peters

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oooooo…. it’s really only 131 days until Halloween. Pretty perfect or todays Kidrobot Throwback Thursday with The 13 Vinyl Mini Series by artist Brandt Peters. We are always thrilled to work with Brandt because all of his creations are 100% his style and scary good! Here to say a little more about this terribly collectible series is our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking!…

There may be what seems like an incalculable amount of time between now and Halloween, but you can stay spooky forever with The 13 Dunny series from Brandt Peters and Kidrobot.  In my home we have vintage Halloween blow molded figures up year round because they’re too awesome to hide away in the attic and the same ideal can apply to these guys.  They give you an extra shot of creepy when you need it, and being that this series also glows in the dark, they keep it going way after the lights have gone out.



Sold blind box style, the figure you get will be just as mysterious as their origin story.  Dead men may tell no tales, but genetically modified creatures sure do have a lot to say.  Learn more about their history and pick up a few by visiting