That Halloween Candy you Hate… Hates you Back – Alex Pardee made sure of it

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Probably the most debated-over Halloween treat – candy corn is one of America’s oldest candies that is still being produced, having been invented by George Renninger of the Wunderland Candy Company in 1880’s Philadelphia. Yes. In the same decade that … Continued

Bob’s Burgers and the Tradition of Halloween-themed episodes in TV

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In American television, there’s a long-standing tradition of airing holiday-themed episodes of popular shows not only to boost viewership and ratings but also in attempt to humanize characters and underscore the idea that these characters are just like you and … Continued

Kidrobot Throwback Thursday: The 13 by Brandt Peters

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oooooo…. it’s really only 131 days until Halloween. Pretty perfect or todays Kidrobot Throwback Thursday with The 13 Vinyl Mini Series by artist Brandt Peters. We are always thrilled to work with Brandt because all of his creations are 100% … Continued


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  Get ready for a screaming Kidrobot sale that will make heads roll and blood curdle. We’ve slashed prices on a selection of items…but you’ve gotta hurry because we’re only giving this sale a short time to live. Get 66.6% … Continued