Kidrobot Wants to Know – What’s in your SDCC suitcase?

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Packing for SDCC? Even if you’re not, we’re just wondering:

What would you pack in your suitcase for the trip to San Diego Comic-Con?

We want to hear your answers. Comment away!

26 Responses

  1. Nikejerk

    An empty bag within the bag to pack all the goods back the Hotlanta. My Ipod with pics of my customs and music, digital camera, cam corder, sketch book, pens and markers, cell, 3A Legionnaires Tee 1 of 3 Bloody version, Ultra-Pop Tee, custom Dunk SB’s, book ( Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), laptop, jump drive, sunglasses and other various clothing and hygiene items.

  2. tammy

    landon – see you at the zombie walk!!!! everyone else – don’t worry about packing your zombie makeup because Sony Pics has got you covered :o) just stop by the Sony booth on Thursday for a free Zombie makeover.

  3. shellie

    A poster board for Simone Legno to sign…My spooky doll for Jhonen Vasques to sign..snacks…(aka pocky…sandwicches…soda..)
    My ticket of course..Iphone…money…and my purse lol
    That’s bout it…after CC i know i’ll have like 2 bags full of toys and what not.. lol

  4. snooker

    Nothing. Have to haul all the stuff back from SDCC.

  5. Dan Castillo

    Soap… now if only others would follow my lead.

  6. BergerBot

    money for toys
    mask for concealment
    gloves for murder!
    swimming trunks for good-time afterwards!!

  7. Courtney Cuellar

    Hand sanatizer, cash, Ipod, a book to read while in line, sharpies, sketchbook, camera, worn in sneakers, and lots and lots of snacks.

  8. Dan Ryan

    Cash, Visa card, two video iPods, iPod video cable with USB charger, business cards, digital camera, handful of Sharpies, Choco Baby candies, Chopperman hat, Rep-Detect hat, shorts, t-shirts, socks, undies, shoes and a controlled sense of awe (for meeting famous people). Yup, that should do.

  9. Murray

    Nothing, that way I have somewhere to put all my favorite artists when I kidnapp them so that I can get out of SDCC with out anyone noticing, then I would chain them up in my basement and force them to produce amazing things for me! HA HA HA HA (evil laugh).

  10. kimberly

    my supernatural bag from last year, sketch book, camera, a tonnn of sharpies, and Supernatural Season Disc set for Jared & Jensen autographs (;
    oh. and money!

  11. shuzluva

    Tee shirts, shorts, kicks and a toothbrush. I’d need a small video camera to record all the goings-on and a sketchbook, of course!

  12. jemappellekat

    Wads ‘o’ cash, patience, and sketchbook…

  13. Choker

    The comics i want sealed and a book of pick up lines to use on nerd girls like “wanna try it somewhere other than parents basement”