Kidrobot x City Cryptid Artist: Charlie Immer

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The Kidrobot x City Cryptid Dunny Art Figure Mini Series is on its way to this Friday, July 27th and we are continuing the journey of showing off this immensely talented collection of artists with Charlie Immer. Below are a few questions we asked Charlie about himself and his piece, take a look!

  1. What does ART mean to you? It means I can express my ideas both grand and mediocre.
  2. Your Art is clearly recognizable – what are three words YOU would use to describe your art? ICKY , FUNNY , VIBRANT
  3. What was your favorite class growing up in high school? The NO JUDGEMENT art class of course
  4. Where did you first get your interest in human anatomy/Skeletons? Disney’s Silly Symphony Skeleton Dance cartoon from 1929
  5. What kind of movies do you find yourself watching the most? I like gross-out spooky movies.
  6. What’s one moment of feedback positive or negative you were given on your art that you will always remember?  I showed my dad a painting of a rotting head and he said I should paint horses.
  7. Tell us about your Character from City Cryptid: Ningen. What’s his personality like? What’s his full name? Where did this character originate from and how does it play to the cryptid theme?  Docile unless disturbed. (It is disturbed in my version). Full Name:  Icee Origin :  The slushy waters of the Antarctic ocean.
  8. What made you want to be a part of the City Cryptid Mini Series with Kidrobot?  Cryptids are awesome and I wanted to learn more about them.
  9. Is this your first piece you have done with City Cryptid and Kidrobot? Yes it is.
  10.  Why do you think this Mini series fits into the social scene/political situation/current everyday life or do you think it was just for fun?  As I mentioned before its important to remember that in this world mysteries remain.