Kidrobot’s Black Friday Holiday Hook-Up

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Kidrobot is spreading the holiday cheer this year with some hearty discounts. Everyone that receives our weekly newsletter will get hooked up with a secret discount code that can save you up to 40% off on Your surprise discount will appear once you apply it during check out. This sweet deal will only be valid during Black Friday weekend, November 26-29.

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14 Responses

  1. Jar3d

    I had the same problem, check to see if your email is blocking the "image". The code is received as an image, not text.

  2. galhawk

    I have the same question and I hope is he same discount because I order my stuff last night if not this will be bad for me

  3. galhawk

    I try to use the code but the website give me a discount before I enter de code why? is and extra discount or what?

  4. Jill

    It's in the box right under where it says blind box promo code! right above the Santa hat.

  5. Martin

    I cant order online, so i can use the code to the store, and have them ship it to my address?

    -thanks :]

  6. Chimichanga

    I hope the Shirts and Hats get 40% off that would be great.

  7. KMMM

    Is this just for American customers? Or can Canadians use the discount code to get in on the Black Friday Action too?

  8. Henry RamdassJr

    Wwill everything be on sale or certain items we can use the 40% on?

    • Kidrobot

      Yes, everything. And to clarify it is up to 40% off on

  9. TFC

    Will there be an email to people on the newsletter, 'cause I feel akward when I come out and I tell my mom things like this.

    • Kidrobot

      Everyone signed up for our newsletter, new and old, will receive an email on the morning of Black Friday with their promo code.