Kidrobot’s DIY Munny

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In the middle of Winter and it’s too cold to go out…. you can sit in front of Netflix and watch too many episodes of something that you like, but isn’t your favorite. Kidrobot is giving you the option of doing something a little more interactive. There is Chris Holt aka the Toy Viking on how Kidrobot can help!

Winter has come and made it rather unbearable to go outside.  Knee deep snow and bone chilling temperatures have created hermits out of many of us.  We’re outside long enough to get in the car, go to work, and then return home before our extremities succumb to the sickening kiss of frost bite.  The problem with being indoors is that eventually youre gonna get tired of it.  There’s only so many shows you can binge watch before your brain turns to mush and cabin fever sets in.  The best thing to pull you out of a winter rut is to create something and Kidrobot has tons of DIY figures that are just waiting for you to work on.  You can draw on em, paint em with a brush, doodle with markers, build on em with clay, or transform them in any other possible fashion you can think of.  And the thing that is cool is not only are you expressing your inner most desire to create, but you never know who will see it.  Countless figures have been produced by Kidrobot because someone in the company discovered an awesome design on social media.  You could join artists like The Bots, Squink, J*ryu and tons more who saw their artistic visions become toy shelf staples all over the world.  Is there anything cooler than having your own toys?  Not that I can think of.






It all starts with an idea and one of our DIY figures.  Available now at www.kidrobot.