Retail Spotlight: 3D Retro!

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It’s this new thing we are doing. There a SO MANY wonderful places that work alongside Kidrobot to keep art and the vinyl toy world alive. To celebrate some of these places we are giving everyone the 411 on our top retail locations… this week we are bending the knee to 3D Retro a California based store who we have have the pleasure of working with and throwing some pretty damn good release parties as well! Wanna know a little bit more about this spot? You SHOULD. Here is some more info below!


  • What year did your store open? Online in 2003, Retail in 2013


  • For a local, what is the area your store is located known for? Glendale/Burbank Area of California


  • Why do you have KIDROBOT in your store? We have always carried Kidrobot since they are one of the original art collectible figure producers in the US. We love the selection of blindboxes, the quality in the vinyl figures and of course everyone loves Dunnys!


  • Are there any upcoming releases you are looking forward to having in your store?
    Of course… but its always a surprise


  • Why do you love the vinyl/art scene? How can you not love toys?! And then the art aspect just makes it that much cooler.


  • What has your involvement in this industry taught you? A few things…
    if you’re going to create an art toy, you better make it actually look like the artist’s work
    b. start small, you don’t have to have a thousand colors and designs out at once, this may even saturate your market.
    c. it’s a small industry… be nice!


  • What do you think makes your store so unique? We carry the really unique and hard to find stuff. Not only can buyers find their favorite KR products or the latest collectible pop culture toys but we also carry brands and items which are extremely limited and difficult to find.


  • Anything else you might want to share about 3D Retro??….
    So much cool stuff coming in 2018!