Kidrobot’s Holiday Hit List Contest

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Kidrobot presents our new ridiculously awesome sing-a-long video contest, The Winter White Out Holiday Hit List. Join in the merry mayhem and enter to win a Kidrobot X Burton Snowboard or a full set of Dunny Series 2 (yeah, seriously).

“So what am I supposed to do?”, you ask. Follow these simple directions:

1. Create a short video of you singing along to your favorite holiday themed song. You can use camcorders, camera phones, web cams or any other technological device that can be transferred to an online video site (Youtube) with embedding capabilities.
2. The song must be at least 30 seconds or longer to enter. Make it short and sweet, but not too short or too long either.
3. You MUST replace 2 words in the song with “Kidrobot” and “Snowboard”. This is what makes these sing-a-longs so special.
4. Upload the video to YouTube and give it a title. Then, email your name, city, email address (email address used to contact contest winners) and video link to Sorry, but we won’t accept submissions if these rules aren’t followed.
5. Be patient. The video must be approved before it is entered in the contest and posted.
6. Fun for the whole family. If you’re under 13 years old, you must get your parents’ permission first. Those are the rules.
7. Act fast. The deadline to enter is midnight EST on December 20, 2010.

There are 4 categories that give you a chance at winning one of these top-notch, super rare, long sold out prizes:

People’s ChoiceKidrobot X Burton Snowboard
Take matters into your own hands and vote for your favorite video by clicking the Facebook “Like” button. Power to the people!
Most FestiveKidrobot X Burton Snowboard
The Most Festive award will go to the entry with the most creativity and holiday spirit. Festivities include, but are not limited to: Santa suits, candy canes, falling snow, yule tide carolers, ice skating rinks, corn cob pipes, cozy fireplaces and bearskin rugs.
Best Worst PerformanceKidrobot X Burton Snowboard
The winner of the Best Worst Performance will be awarded to the contestant that pours out the most heart and soul. Talent is not required.
Wheelbarrow’s ChoiceFull Set of Dunny Series 2
KR’s social media ambassador, Wheelbarrow, will award a full set of Dunny Series 2 to the most epic entry submitted. The gloves are coming off!

Check out Wheelbarrow’s brilliant and hilarious example to ring in the festivities. Spread the holiday cheer and tell your Twitter friends, tell your Facebook friends and above all else have fun!

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38 Responses

  1. ricky

    how would you know if the person hacked on the facebook likes or not?

  2. Troy Cunningham

    Major Dunny collector!
    I can not snowboard, but all my Dunny Pose' would look great on it!
    Keep Desigin', ..Troy

    • Kidrobot

      Sure the more the merrier, but only one name can be entered on the submission.

    • Kidrobot

      You may qualify for numerous categories but you can only win one.

  3. kitcatbar

    the there different sizes of the snowboard? like for girls?

    • Kidrobot

      The Kidrobot X Burton Snowboard was created in only one size: Custom 158 [Stance Width: 530 mm / 21 in., Location: -10 mm/ -.4 in back]. Hope this helps.

  4. Trinity Carolina

    Hi! I couldn't submit my sign in to the newsletter fileds, 'cause the province windows don't accept my "São Paulo" config. Question one is: must i be into newsletter mailing list to enter the Kidrobot’s Holiday Hit List Contest? Question two is: can you help me to get in? Thanx and LUV! Trinity.

  5. Alin3

    Im alsso from Mexico! jojo amm but the song needs to be in english or could be in spanish??

    • Kidrobot

      English is preferred, just because our non Spanish speaking viewers will not be able to enjoy it as much.

  6. Dunnycember

    is it the series 2 set thats in KRNYC or is it a sealed artist set?