Kidrobot’s Limited Edition Emerging Dunny 4-Piece Mug Set

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For those of you who used to collect the Dunny pieces and now you’re all grown up or running out of space on your shelf, we think the Dunny can be all grown up and in your everyday life. To help you out this time we worked to create the Emerging Dunny 4 piece mug set that just released on Enjoy your cup of coffee and your Dunny in one setting! Here to talk a little more about these perfect pieces is our good friend Chris Holt, aka The Toy Viking!

Toys have invaded nearly every room in my home, so its fitting that Kidrobot is now making them part of my kitchen as well.  This new Emerging Dunny mug is just begging for you to fill it with your beverage of choice, whether it be coffee, juice, or something a little stronger if that’s how you roll.  Hey, I’m not here to judge and we’ve all had those jobs where just making it through the day without obtaining a criminal record is seen as a win.  That’s why I feel in all places of employment there should always be a dog.  Then no matter how sucky the day gets at least you got to pet a puppy.  Unless he doesn’t like you and just glares from across the room the whole time to make sure you don’t come anywhere near him.  Talk about insult to injury, doggo.


Emerging Dunny 4 Piece Mug Set

Kidrobot x Emerging Dunny Mug Set

These Dunny mugs will give you the start you need to face whatever life throws at you and are available now exclusively from