Kidrobot’s Show Me the Munny Event Hosted by BAIT Denver

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Kidrobot’s annual Show Me the Munny event took place on Friday, September 21st at the Denver Bait store in LODO. Sponsored by Tsing Tao and Budweiser, we were able to sip on come cool beverages while we admired 20 Denver artists takes on the popular DIY MUNNY platform. This custom toy exhibition brought focus to the importance of supporting local art and artists and inspiring creativity in new generations of thought leaders within the arts.

Kidrobot’s MUNNYWORLD is a one-of-a-kind design experience that lets you create your own art toy. From young to old, highly skilled to first-timers, each MUNNY is a blank 3D canvas, ready for scribbling, painting, dressing up, spray-painting, sculpting and designing into wherever your imagination leads. The essence of creation lies within.

Artists included in the custom toy exhibition:

  1. Pat Milbery
  2. Mike Graves
  3. Anna Charney
  4. Scott Knecht aka BigFoot
  5. Jon Stommel aka Rather Servere
  6. Zach Yarrington
  7. John MDMN aka MDMN
  8. Laedan Galicia aka DINKC
  9. Zach Howard aka ESIC
  10. Robin Munro
  11. RUMTUM
  12. DF Crew
  13. John Ogrdnick aka JPOart
  14. Adam Ian Psybe aka PSYBE
  15. Hollis + Lana
  16. Jeramiah Clark from Landmark Tattoo
  17. Mars
Pat Milbery x Munny event 18