Labbit x Motorbot Custom Show at Dragatomi

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Munch on some delicious Labbit customs. Motorbot (aka Kevin Olson) delivers the altered work of Frank Kozik at Dragatomi through April 3 in Sacremento, CA.

Fill your plate with Labbits!


It seemed like only last week that Kevin “Motorbot” Olson was teasing/tweeting about the best way to make fake sesame seeds. The artist, who has been turning Labbits into turkeys and Dunnys into Peeps for some time, brings his hunger-inspiring art toys to Sacramento’s Dragatomi for a solo show this weekend. The show will include fourteen 5-inch Labbits, one 10-incher and 18 littles customized as lollipops and peppermints.


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  1. dunz0

    I saw a couple of pics on another blog, and I am so sad that I'm not in the area! So amazing!

  2. @pandabandit12

    saw these in person yesterday and they are freaking amazing! i mean i was blown away! The hoho and eggplant were my favorite, and that kiwi really felt like a kiwi =] everything was so well done i really felt like i could just start a plate for myself and start eating lol

    congrats on the series, great work!

  3. motorbot

    Thanks for the mention but there’s no a in my name

  4. That GUY

    Motorbooooooooat!!!!!!!! bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. WOOOOW!