Let The FOOMI & KRACKA Customizing Begin

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Now that we’ve announced the MUNNYWORLD MEGACONTEST and welcomed the adorable FOOMI & KRACKA to the family, Kidrobot will be featuring one-of-a-kind creations of these 2 new characters by some of your favorite artists at all Kidrobot stores for display and purchase starting April 1. Here is a fresh batch of custom FOOMIES and KRACKAS by the talented 64 Colors, SQUINK!, Cris Rose, Rsin Art and Ryan the wheelbarrow.

There are many more awesome creations on the way so stay tuned.

“Fooman” Custom FOOMI by 64 Colors

“Regret” Custom FOOMI by SQUINK!

“Cyro” Custom FOOMI by Cris Rose


Custom KRACKA and FOOMI by Rsin Art

“ty_po kracka ex. a” Custom KRACKA by Ryan the wheelbarrow

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  1. Rsinart

    Gustavo, I know most of us guys use acrylic paint and brushes. Some people use paint markers, others airbrush, or a mixture of those type of things. I often get comments about the colors I use and I think sometimes its just the way you layer them. Up above every single one of them customs is bright and pops. Search around on the forums and I am sure you'l find plenty of post or artist willing to give you pointers and get you started.

    KR, thanks for the post. Fun stuff. Hope there are others that took on the Kracka!