Messageboard Artist Dunny Series!

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Messageboard Artist Dunny Series - nikejerk

There are few places you’ll find more talent than hidden inside the crazy and passionate world that is the Kidrobot Discussion Boards.

Inspired by their favorite platform toy, a few talented members of the boards decided to take matters into their own hands and create their own Messageboard Artist Dunny Series! Wow!

Jump on it now before they’re all sold out.

Kidrobot Messageboard Artist Series

Check it out, and if you haven’t visited the boards in a while, you’ll be happy to see a new clean design and snappy, crash-free performance!

15 Responses

  1. blubbel

    Great guys! Cool that the Kronikle is featuring your series. I hope I can be part of the second one!

  2. Nikejerk

    That is awesome that KR picked up the coverage on the series. And it rules too they used my pic at the top? How’d that happen??? :)

    Great work everyone!!!

  3. Mikhael Dominico (D.O.M.E.)

    Will these dunnies be sold in KR Store??

  4. AW177

    To get them, go visit the KR thread! Big props to Manny, Igor and Tim for setting this up! I am very happy to have been a part of this great series!

  5. pocketwookie

    You guys have done an amazing job! I hope this sells out and everyone gets crazy rich! Well, that’s not going to happen, but I seriously thing you’ve done great work and wish everyone involved the best of luck. You guys are the greatest!

  6. Manny.

    We’ve def. come a long way, and I’m glad to see KR is diggin’ what we’re doing. Thanks again to all the artists and fans alike, we couldn’t have done it with out any of you ;) and ofcourse, big ups to Tim and Igor! Where’s the partyman emoticon when u need it, haha.

    For those of you who don’t know, well now you know. . .check out the link above.

  7. pandabandit12

    check out the thread in the Dunny forum for more info and pics! it’s pretty freaking incredible!

  8. SteveOramA

    Cool idea! I want to be a part of the next installment in the series! Someone contact me: info (at)