Metropolis Listed in Top 100 Galleries

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Juxtapoz Magazine just announced their Top 100 Galleries in the country, and Metropolis in Lancaster, Pennsylvania made the list!  Metropolis, soon to move to Philadelphia, boasts an awesome assortment of modern furniture and art. Part retail store, part gallery, it showcases up-and-coming contemporary artists, such as Dunny Fatale contributor Aya Kakeda.

Check out the list yourself; readers can rate their favorite art spots as well.

7 Responses

  1. K Turner

    I think it's really sad that they moved. really friendly people. now I have to go almost one hour to Baltimore to buy vinyl…..and it seems like kidrobot does not support this store too much. they did not even get the 2Tone Dunny today and the salesperson did not know they will released and she did not even know what I was talking about.

    anyway congratulations Metropolis you guys are great.

  2. Suz

    I was very dissapointed to learn they were no longer carrying vinyl. It was a nice way to spend a friday afternoon. Go to Metropolis for something new & then walk down to central market for edibles. I will miss it. Maybe we will get lucky & another great shop/gallery will move into the spot, it's perfect right across from the art school. Good luck in Philly where you will no longer be unique.

  3. Jeff

    I think you guys are kind of missing the point. This is about Metropolis and what a great gallery they are.

    • Bergerbot

      i like the clock that follows the cursor on your website
      ur art is cool too!

  4. Bergerbot

    not surprised about the josh liner gallery or the jonathan levine gallery
    but i did not expect J. Levine to be number 3! i mean seriously? J. levine is 1 behind the guggenheim? get real…ive been there and done that (and will do that again) and it doesn't rank up that high…i know he's been around the block and plays host to some powerhouse artists….but c'mon…im guessing its the ads he puts in your magazine Juxtapoz that gets him so high up (u can't pull the wool over my eyes)