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  1. Mpatt

    Man I really want a raffy. Does anyone know what store I should go to get one?

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  3. lego bricks

    lol ima get it an make a custum giraffe out of it!!!!

    lol 4 me madre, its her fav. animal.

    cant wait, but no bites<..>

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  5. akn220

    Update: The picture file is titled “MUNNYWORLD RAFFE”. Guess the person who guessed giraffe is right.

  6. edwin edwin

    wtf!? yo i see a goat/unicorn looking thing wth is up with these? i cant wait for them to drop.

  7. akn220

    I believe this is one of the figures from the new Munny World that’s coming out. It’s a collection of DIY Munny-esque figures. Should be very cool. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s released in November around the time of the Munny custom show in NYC.

  8. caranoid

    I rushed to the kidrobot store, and returned with a sad face.
    This kickass DIY is not for sale yet!
    please turn my frown upside down KR!

    :( + DIYmoogoatdemon = :D

  9. SneakerTim

    I don’t care what it looks like now, I wanna make a unicorn!!!

  10. Rsinart

    Well its about time we have something new to custom. Bring it on. I want some.

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  12. NotNotARobot

    6 Inch DIY cow? Moo’ny?

    I am interested to see further information.

  13. monie

    i see a giraffe!! i want one sooooo badly!! (both the new DIY AND the giraffe)..

  14. Dunny Assassin

    i think it looks more like a goat lol, but i guess not because there is no beard lol

  15. jimbojones

    I see a demon dog, or some type of demon animal. I already see designs in my head for this thing, Bat wings, Longer horns,…..

  16. GRCnyc

    Everybody is seeing cow lol I see a goat! Or some kind of puppy demon dog Which is sweet!

  17. FunkShun

    would look great done as the creature from the new TEAM ICO game, “The Last Guardian”….