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MUNNYWORLD HaikuMake MUNNYWORLD at peace with the universe and win your toy own to customize!

You have until 6pm EST to compose your own haiku poem about one of the MUNNYWORLD characters (MUNNY, TRIKKY, BUB, RAFFY or ROOZ). Write a non-rhyming 3 line poem with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the last line.

At 6pm EST, we’ll close the contest and randomly choose winners from the entries. One entry per MUNNYWORLD character per person. After your poem, indicate which character your zen masterpiece is about. We’ll award 5 MUNNYWORLD prizes, one for each character!


Thanks to everyone who entered. Congrats to Nicole P. of NY NY, Aaron M. of Houston TX, Chelsea C. of Bowling Green KY, Nga M. of Arlington TX, and Andy B. of Houston TX! You each won a new MUNNYWORLD figure!

151 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Is a ROOZ a rube
    a flim-flam or bamboozle?
    truth needs a good friend.

  2. Scribblez

    They wonder why the
    Hood so hot, when its run by
    such hood cats like these.


  3. Scribblez

    Big bad and bubbly
    Never sad nor mad… but hungry?
    He messes with your name.

    – Bub

  4. Scribblez

    Twice as big and twice
    As bad. Twice as many legs
    Don’t make him too mad!

    – Raffy

  5. Scribblez

    Starting block number
    One, Mister Original,
    The start of the world.

    – Munny

  6. Scribblez

    Hopping around and
    Hopping up and down. Rooz hops
    Til the sun goes down.

    – Rooz

  7. iPod aMmo

    I get Munny Man/ not the Bill Gates kind, but just/ enough to buy more


  8. David Born

    So much to be said
    Little white plastic creature
    Expressionless pose


  9. Lourdes

    an empty canvas,
    munny is the perfect friend,
    design as you dream

    a haiku for munny ^_^

  10. David Born

    Sometimes in my face
    I feel like a blank canvas
    With no expression

  11. David Born

    Take this as advice
    Every Munny has a dream
    Of what he can be

  12. David Born

    Hey Rooz, what’s shakin?
    My can of yellow spray paint
    I will paint the sun.

  13. David Born

    Hey Bub, why so glum?
    I live in a little box
    Will you let me out?

  14. David Born

    Munny sent a text:
    Did you know I have no face?
    I fixed it for him.

  15. David Born

    Trikky is my friend
    We hang out in back alleys
    Scrounging for some food

  16. al11588

    BUB ate chocolate,
    He steals more candy,
    Later he is arrested.

  17. droppixel

    Bub went to the store
    For a pair of eyeglasses
    Now he can see you


    Bub plz!!

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  19. Leaf Chang

    Trikky sits on the
    empty shelf, just a blank face
    until i paint it

  20. Lee

    Munny arrives home
    he says hello to his wife
    it’s time for dinner

  21. Jeremy Bacharach

    Two minutes are left
    for Munny to complete me
    or destroy my dreams

  22. Ariel

    True, cats are Trikky
    They are cute, but in the way.
    Mine want’s to paint you.

  23. IngaMay

    Scribbling on Rooz
    sharpie gliding in circles
    to make you perfect.


  24. Irene Zuccarello

    My fav is Raffy
    Customize it is so funny
    Oh my! I want it!

    (sorry if there are errors…I’m Italian and syllabation is not easy for me! :P )

  25. jemappellekat

    bring on Munny World
    now it”s time to get the paints
    give them some colour…

  26. IngaMay

    Raffy is quite sweet
    with four legs and two nub horns
    you have stole my heart.

    ~for Raffy

  27. vinyl peg leg

    Bertie the Pipebomb
    Desert Combat figure is
    my ultimate dream

    (Ashley Wood World War Robot Bertie the Pipebomb Desert Combat figure)

  28. IngaMay

    Mini Bub so cute
    It’s blank tiny hippo face
    Waiting for my brush

    ~for Bub

  29. iPod aMmo


    The following is
    dedicated to one bad
    bad ass giraffe son

  30. vinyl peg leg

    I came to the sea
    to see disintegration.
    erosion at best.

  31. Jade

    a Rooz haiku
    hey hey, Mister Rooz
    keep your hands where i can see
    i know how you are

  32. iPod aMmo

    Its Bub, NOT BUBA.
    thats two vowels, not one.
    get it right sucka.

  33. Jade

    a haiku for raffy.

    new to munnyworld
    check my vinyl masterpiece
    raffy you are small!

  34. iPod aMmo

    its trikky to rock
    to rock a rhyme on time thats
    right on time. . . trikky

  35. Tiffany

    the beautiful sun
    was glistening in the lake
    as it was setting

  36. BergerBot


    thats not a haiku but trikky's face made out of various keyboard symbols
    i agree…how clever

  37. Gia Grillo

    My small white bald friend
    your body is my canvas
    your soul is my paint

  38. Gia Grillo

    Mine flows through my vinyl friends
    Art in painted waves

  39. erik

    rooz loves to paint all
    kills it with skillz he does it
    everyone loves it

    for rooz

  40. erik

    neck long like whoa kid
    raffy is gettin wiki wild
    sprayin paint high up for ya

    for raffy

  41. free58

    i must be a fool
    saw the contest, wrote my rhymes
    then read the dang rules
    (“non-rhyming” = geeeeeeezzzzzz =)

    MUNNY makes the world
    go round. head spinning on white
    then MUNNY is found

    might not be kitty
    only your eyes visualize
    make & meet TRIKKY

    standing strong with horns
    paint out blade now & brain-pow
    my RAFFY is born

  42. shari caldwell

    Crap! Read too hastily! (let’s try again)

    Trikky, so pallid
    Waiting on tenterhooks, yet
    no artist is near.

    Trikky, of course!

  43. CARE

    I reallly love cats
    thanks K R for making these
    lovely cute trikkys


  44. erik

    bub bub bub bub bub
    rub a dub in a big tub
    bub sub for the dub

    for bub

  45. BergerBot

    Need to get a fix
    Willing to kill for munny
    Where is my paint brush

    for munny

  46. erik

    hanging with trikky
    falling in with the form
    must spray and rip paint

    for trikky

  47. BergerBot

    hiding in the dark
    a joey scares his mother
    a ruse by young Rooz

    for Rooz

  48. GRCnyc

    eating chipotle,
    i’d trade my burrito for
    toys from kidrobot!

    this is for munny
    the first do it yourself toy
    i’d like to paint one

  49. I_AM

    all white munny face
    fresh and clean like a crisp bill
    spent alive with color

  50. BergerBot

    with head in the trees
    the world far below his knees
    yearns to kiss the ground

    for raffy

  51. shari caldwell

    Winter in Dallas:
    hot, cold, hotterhotter, cold
    –oh! Southern suckage!

  52. BergerBot

    silent as the bog
    alone but not forgotten
    Bub trudges along

    for Bub

  53. BergerBot

    like the trees wither
    i yearn for thy whiskered face
    we reunite soon

    for trikky

  54. Juan

    Munny isn’t a bunny
    He wants a hunny
    after six he will be a little runny
    if he doesn’t get his hunny.

  55. HelloKayla

    look there’s a giraffe
    relaxing under the sun
    his name is Raffy.

  56. Chris Roman


    Infamous Munny
    Your body is a canvas
    The jungle is too

  57. Chris Roman


    If you were a stray
    you could sleep in my garage
    and I would paint you.

  58. Samuel De Jesus Jr

    Mayweather would lose
    Your chin can take punishment
    Fast like Pacquiao


  59. BergerBot

    like the trees wither
    i yearn for thy whiskered face
    we reunite soon


  60. David Dang

    A Munny dancing
    In a beautiful morning
    Charms me everyday

  61. Julie Byrd

    A cat has nine lives.
    He lives, with no fear at all;
    unless there’s a dog.

    This haiku is about trikky.

  62. Nicole

    My Munny didn’t
    Know who he was until he
    Met me and my pen.

  63. Samuel De Jesus Jr

    You’re not frightening
    Because ghosts do not exist
    You silly little Rooz toy


  64. Chris Roman


    Giraffes are awesome
    But I’d like to make my own
    with a neck canvas

  65. Jerry Benoit

    Dinosaurs exists
    Archeology has failed
    Purple box four inch

    about RAFFY

  66. Jade

    a haiku for trikky

    you, nine ninety five
    I’d much rather have you free
    i will paint you gold

  67. sam holcombe

    munny is stoopid
    dunny is the awesomest
    never buy munny

  68. Samuel De Jesus Jr

    Cannibal vinyl toy
    Kills and devours without care
    Mad Raffy Disease


  69. Tamara Och

    The giraffe was sad;
    no one to talk to up high;
    he was so lonely.

    About Raffy

  70. Rachel Searle

    Naked white Trikky
    Your vinal is my canvas
    Create my art world

  71. Nathan Detroit

    A Haiku for TRIKKY

    Sifting through garbage
    TRIKKY searches for yummies
    Finds tasty fish bone

  72. Jerry Benoit

    A mouth full of air
    Protruded from the neck down
    Belly the same length

    about Bub

  73. Samuel De Jesus Jr

    Trikky the best one
    I leave you unpainted and
    Sitting on my desk


  74. danielle

    Expressionless Raffy
    Imagination brings life
    You smile back at me

  75. Dylan Rives

    The kangaroo hops,
    whether he’s sad or happy;
    even mad, he hops.

    Itz Rooz!

  76. Rhiannon T

    Trikky is a cute cat
    Mine scratches me too much
    Wish she was plastic.

  77. kelsi gormley

    trikky needs a friend
    vivacious i will make thee
    will you be mine?

  78. Jacky Yang

    Trikky’s pointy ears
    extremely great hearing
    Shh! Shh! Be quiet…


  79. Samuel De Jesus Jr

    Open a fresh box
    Munny I pray for good luck
    Damnit no trident


  80. Emily

    Trikky is a cat.
    Some cats like to scratch people.
    Those cats are bitches.

  81. Jerry Benoit

    The original
    Founder of an Empire Kid
    Thousands of toys made


  82. the mayor of nadtown

    look at the blankness gleam
    sitting atop the world of new
    drink it in my pretty pearl

  83. Paul Io

    Munny – vinyl toy
    His friends are vinyl as well
    Paint us as you please

  84. jade

    a haiku for Bub

    I will find you blank
    I color your ears and belly
    now you’re my design

  85. David Dang

    Raffy causing fuss
    Around kidrobot city
    Stealing food from bub

  86. I Roman

    O lovely Trikky. Trikky is never tacky. Just sticky from paint.

  87. jadedhellspawn

    I love the Munny
    Innocent and void of life
    breathe these hands create

  88. DeathWinged

    Munny comes home blank
    Draws a smile on his clean slate
    And has a nice day

  89. Jon Palestini

    Oops didn’t mean to post that one above.

    What makes Munny great
    it’s Personalizable

  90. David Dang

    Trikky is the name
    Mischievous as it is
    Causing trouble now

  91. RachelD

    Imagine Raffy
    What will you become today?
    Hot pink, silver, black


  92. Giulioi

    I want to be a
    Munny. Want to be painted
    By the joy of life


  93. Jerry Benoit

    Float sail Levitate
    Through walls Limits are none yes
    Clouds are my Breakfast

    about ROOZ

  94. Jerry Benoit

    Float sail Levitate
    Through walls Limits are none yes
    Clouds are my Breakfast

  95. Macks

    “Bub likes to eat peas.”
    Says the munny in disguise.
    “But munnys can’t eat.”


  96. Vincent Cheung

    he doesn’t have legs
    he will be my first munny
    can’t wait to meet him


  97. Ariel Luis A. Flores

    Chittering Monkey
    Climbing the seasons treetops
    Thinking he is tall.

  98. Jordan Carson

    blank is the canvas
    paint and brush ready for play
    soon, my own munny

  99. Joshua Ian

    Smooth white vinyl face
    contemplating tomorrow
    Bub’s round face looks up

    [It’s about Bub, clearly, and the moment before DIY customization.]

  100. Kay Bee

    A custom project
    munny munny munny. In
    a rich artist’s world

    For Munny

  101. DAni

    How pale you first can be
    With me we change thee

  102. Chris Roman


    Is Bub a Hippo?
    I hope he isn’t dirty
    Or covered in poo.

  103. funk shun

    blank vinyl being

    silent form of creation

    munny sits waiting

  104. Kay Bee

    Trikky the kitty
    feline vinyl terrorist
    For Trikky

  105. Nate Towne

    Raffy nubs glimmer,
    Beckon me to customize,
    No! I like you bare.

  106. Jerry Benoit

    Trikky where art thou
    Pointy ears stab me dead quick
    Paint your face navy

    About Trikky

  107. Ryan

    kidrobot is cool
    I hope i get a cool bub
    That would be so awsome

    About a BUB

  108. Alex

    I have a munny
    Custom coated spray on black
    Giving an evil eye.

  109. Cory Robinson

    Horns so majestic
    Walking around on all fours
    Giraffe with short neck

    It’s for Raffy!

  110. Kay Bee

    Rooz ooze appeal, choose
    to customise a surprise
    kangaroo for you

  111. Brandon Koppel

    The untouched munny

    Waiting for that first brush stroke

    Love is upon it

  112. Kyle Merryman

    Munnys not found here.
    Driving three hours for one.
    Gas prices suck hard.

  113. Lewis Coupland

    Munny wants a friend
    Mini Munny came along
    Munny has a friend

    Its about mini munny if you hadnt guessed!

  114. rick

    there was a munny
    who could not sleep at night when
    the other friends came