MUNNYWORLD Highlight 2/12

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Friff Tiger

Congrats Ian of Essex, UK! You’re the MUNNYWORLD contributor for this week and the winner of a free MUNNYWORLD character.

The Year of the Tiger is coming up on Sunday, February 14. People born under the tiger year are said to be fierce, determined, and courageous. With Ian’s creation add to that list beautiful, fuzzy and…albino? Either way, it’s a great year and a great custom!

Sources near to us say that February 14 is also significant in non-tiger-related ways. Perhaps it’s time to send a certain someone a certain something?

MUNNY’s new friends, TRIKKY, BUB, RAFFY and ROOZ want to be as famous as MUNNY. The new MUNNYWORLD characters have some catching up to do! Get your hands on a new MUNNYWORLD character, customize it and upload it to our new MUNNYWORLD Flickr group to show the world!

Every Wednesday, we randomly award a MUNNYWORLD figure to a lucky toymaker and feature it on the KRonikle! So get your MUNNYWORLD and get crackin, you can do anything you want!

Post your MUNNYWORLD creation today for a chance to win!

4 Responses

  1. Friff

    Thanks Suz for the comment and for highlighting what makes these tigers so special.


  2. Suz

    This little guy is awsome! Great job! ~Suz

    quick FYI: White tigers are white colored bengals, they are not albinos and they are not a separate subspecies of tigers. They have blue eyes, a pink nose, and creamy white furr covered with chocolate colored stripes. White tigers are born to tigers that carry the unusual gene needed for white coloring. Wild white tigers are rare species.
    It is belief that if you are born in the Chinese year of the tiger you are unusually lucky. Let’s hope that some of this luck rubs off on the white tiger before it’s too late. Let's try to protect and preserve their existence on earth.