Mustard Dunny Madness Contest

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UPDATED: 9/13/10

Step right up and take a chance to win an exclusive Mustard Dunny by Sket One. Enter the contest by taking a guess at what you think the mysterious Golden Ticket from Dunny Series 2010 might be. Comment below with your best hypothesis of what you think or wish it could be. You don’t have to have the right answer to be in the running, just take your best shot.

We will randomly pull 10 winners on Monday, September 13 with an announcement of what the ultra elusive design is. Good luck!

Congratulations to Frank M., Bradley F., Rob Rob, Chris E., Justin S., Kristen E., Edison D., Michael G., Kevin W. and Maria V. You all are the lucky winners of a SDCC exclusive Mustard Dunny.

Check out the big reveal of Dunny Series 2010’s Golden Ticket here.

895 Responses

  1. STFU Simone

    To many mayo's. I'm gunna guess Relish. Cause I relish the moment I'm going to get pick as a winner.;D

  2. Luis J.

    I say Hotsauce! these dunny's are too hot so y not sum it all up with some real fire? lol

  3. kuote1

    Def something different no1 would expect like a hot sauce bottle!

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  5. Ani_BEE

    Relish! at lest that's typical up here in Canada to see the side of a dinner table stocked with Ketchup, Mustered and Relish. We don't do Mayo on to many things.

  6. Joyce Natale

    I’d like to have an original idea but…I do think the Dunny will be mayonnaise. Seems to go along with the theme…

  7. Trigger

    Made (or made to look like its made) entirely of cheese!
    (I like cheese)

  8. marianna

    i wish i could win a set of dunnys that come with mayo ,mustard, hot sauce

  9. maria montano

    i wish i could win a combo of dunny of hot sauce mayo an mustard ect

  10. maria montano

    a golden dunny that has the drawing of a ticket printed on it it may be similar to a ketchup dunny

    • Remy

      Green Relish dunny was available at my local store when the new series first came out.

  11. Axel Loh

    I guess Mayo is pretty high in the running, but I would Loooove to see a Dunny filled with Candie or Bubble Gum…

    How cool would a Dunny with a PEZ Dispender in the ear be ???

  12. Andycap

    3" Scratch 'n Sniff Hot Dog Dunny (with all 3 previous flavours)!

  13. skeez

    if its mayo i will seriously be dissapointed with sket… it needs to be either a hot dog or hotdog vendor… or maybe chocolate syrup… or a 3 in.choc. syrup wit a 8 in sundae dunny… or the a hotdog vendor 8 in with a hot dog 3 in set

  14. Jo Dessin

    For sure this must be the relish, in order to have the best all dressed hot dog ever with ketchup, mustard and RELISH !

  15. Kris N.

    Its got to be a Mayo Dunny, as to complete the Dunny condiment set.

  16. kado0o

    I know it's most likely a Sket one Mayo dunny but I am still hoping i am wrong and that it might be a 24krt gold dunny … now that's what I call a golden ticket, here's hoping!

  17. deceptacon10

    if it has to be another condiment then fiery tabasco seems to be a good choice but would prefer some kind of boom variant!

  18. amz


  19. Tom

    Its an actual golden ticket that says congrats, then when you read it, it transforms Optimus Prime style into a lifesize dunny that you can step into and control

  20. Sean

    Sticking with this ever so popular heinz theme I'd be happy to see Baked Beans and even Canned Spaghetti or Tartar sauce.

  21. NRG_enrgy

    A hotdog dunny! The ears are the bun, and the body is too, but hot dog are is in the head. The three other dunny's are the toppings!

  22. maria

    i want a sausage dunny 3" bottle will go great with katchup, mustard and relish

  23. 80K

    Other end of the spectrum, I'm going with TOOTHPASTE TUBE DUNNY!!! SensoDUNNY to be exact!

  24. Brian

    Mayonnaise, or BBQ sauce To go with the Condiments

    Or I would love to see PB & Jelly!!

  25. folow

    i think BBQ is the next big hit and i love munny world and all boys bye the way i am 29 not married and no boy friend I AM SINGLE

  26. Sean Neville

    A Willy Wonka Dunny with a chocolate bar accessory, top hat and cain.

  27. CaptDNA

    I think it would be neat to have a cross-over between Boom and the condiments- Both such great designs! Either a condiment, or even a hot dog (for the condiments to go on) done in the Boom pop-art style.

  28. LKR88

    what about a poison apple or a rotten apple by kozik that would be sweet, or maybe a dunny by Paul Budnitz that would be sick! Or even something by tristan eaton we haven't seen him really do any dunnys in along time??

  29. Dunnylover

    chocolate dunny. like in Willy Wonka. I LOVE DUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. pokgaison

    I guess after ketchup and mustard it would be a relish bottle dunny

  31. gumbagalore

    It's a relish Dunny! It's the only other thing that comes in that style bottle from "Heinz"

  32. maxtla99

    A Sri Rachra Dunny would be soo cool. Then you could have a Kogi BBQ dunny to go with it! I wonder what that would look like? Those of you not from LA or the OC have no idea what I'm talking about.

  33. Benjamin

    Bamboo dunny (wicked crazy bamboo leaves as his hair and bamboo chutes for his legs and arms .

  34. Justin Simbulan


  35. Rick jeweler

    Sample Size Liquor (Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey, Cognac or Brandy), Beer, Wine and Champagne Bottle, like the ones found in the hotel refrigerator. A Energy Drink Can or maybe a cool looking Flask.
    I would love to see a Dunny on the table in the V.I.P. at the club lol……

  36. FraninTP

    Forget all about condiments and let’s do COFFEE! A MochaDunny would be very nice!!

  37. Franintp

    Forget all about condiments and let's do COFFEE! A DunnyMocha would be very nice!!

  38. Jerry

    a monster lk wolfman or a mummy or somthing very unexpected yet simple

  39. Chunky

    A Forest Shaman! It will be dressed in these brownish, swampy-green, light brown, and dark teal mix colors; it will have a big hat with all kinds of garnishes on it, or maybe one of those goat hats made out of a skull with horns on it. Of course, he will have a shaman stick, and in another hand hold like a sack of magic items, or a head by its hair. He will have a long beard with like little pieces of branches and leafs stuck in it. He will be barefoot, or have some kind of funny boots. Pretty much, he should be pimped out with accessories since he is a shaman. In addition, maybe have like a crow sit on his shoulder. Well, yeah, this is my idea!

  40. Snarf Bartelfoot

    soy sauce made of glass. if they are continuing with the trend.

  41. Westkylevirus

    I was kinda mad because I saw the Disney knock off Vinylmation did their own condiment mickeys. with ketchup and mustard and all that…

    Imma say a honey dunny

  42. Chebs

    I want to do something original, so I reckon it should be an 8” corn dog dunny with acessories of two 3″ condement dunnys of ketchup and mustard.

  43. Katrina

    I think its the relish pickles since they have the mustard and the ketchup version of heinz.

  44. Elle

    Starbucks Coffee in Mocha, Strawberry, or Mint Chocolate frappuccino.

  45. Smalls

    I am hoping, guessing, and predicting… a hot dog stand Dunny. It could have an umbrella accessory! I also think it could go well with the current Heinz dunny dudes.

  46. Alison

    To complement hottest sauce:
    "Dave's Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce Gourmet Dunny"

  47. Todd B

    I'm hoping for a tie-dye ketchup mustard relish combo dunny… or vinegar either or!

  48. battlecat

    probably too british, but i'd love a Ribena one like his custom!

  49. stereonumeral

    i would clearly not be surprised by a mayonnaise dunny at this point. 8inch maybe?

  50. Mitch

    Well everyone and their mom guessed it already but Mayo is my guess

  51. Christian

    Chicago Dog Dunny! with a smattering of mustard, sport peppers, relish, mustard, celery salt, and a side of fries for the ketchup! (real Chicago dogs have no ketchup!)

  52. Romes

    Hot Dog Dunny does make sense with all the three condiment versions.

  53. doogierae

    I wish it would be a Hot Dog Dunny! Then I can put my Ketchup, Relish, and Mustard Dunny together to make a yummy quadruplet! Oh and along with my Tizieu Beer Fan, I'll definitely be set for partying! *(^O^)*

  54. Primetime

    Mayo is a good guess with all the ones that have already been released, but I would love a Hot Sauce one!!

  55. trikkyluv

    i think its a dunny thats painted like a chocolate bar wrapped in purple wanka bar and on the back of its head it has a big “GOLDEN TICKET” in super glam just like the way they look on the movie

  56. DarthIndianaBond

    Im guessin' Vegemite bottle, just to mix things up a little bit.

  57. @EltonHarding

    The ulitmate in Vinyl & Dunny – "A Wurlizter-style Jukebox Dunny"! With all the neon lights, bells and whistles! Holding a vinyl-single with the artist's signature on the label – A perfect complement to the other diner-dunny's (Ketchup, Mustard & Relish dunnies)

  58. Alberto

    We have three different condiments. Now we need something we can use with them! So I hope for an hotdog or hamburger Dunny!

  59. Josh

    A hot dog vender with a cart or a cheeseburger with a bite taken out of it.

  60. Akrobarth

    Like the BOOM one but cristal clear, and SPLASH writen on it. His ears and arms look like water drops.

  61. J. Schaller

    Something tells me it is either one of these choices
    Ranch Dressing
    Soy Sauce

  62. angfoo

    Hmm…GT will be a variant upon the Techno Viking, not the Sket-1 condiments!

  63. shakabrabra

    I hope it's a dancing banana that comes with a little pet penguin that wears a top hat!!!

  64. Tiburon

    Everyone else is saying Mayo so I'm going to go with Miracle Whip!

  65. Trav Christopher

    John Kerry & Teresa HEINZ Kerry conjoined like Michelle Valigura’s Dunny.

  66. Keetjie

    My money is on mayo, but I would love to see a Soy Sauce dunny.

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  68. Mauro Cazares

    sourcroute i dont know if its spelled correctly but thats my guess

  69. Goyito

    There has been a Burber dunny before by Twelve Car Pileup, also guilled BBQ by Kevin Starai,… soooo all the spices and Meet I think is out of a question ….

    How about a clown!!!! Never have seen one of those before…
    Or…. a Baby? …..

  70. jonathanooze

    a man with a white suite and a ketchup, mustard, and relish stain

  71. jonathanooze

    a man with a white suite and a ketchup mustard and relish stan

  72. Trav Christopher

    Dunny with a napkin print, but stained with ketchup, mustard, and relish.

  73. Jeromejello

    wow… tough choice… do you go with the almost obvious 8" relish to complete the series? or do you throw in a new condiment like mayo for variety? or do you go with hotdog for the other condiments?

    my hope is something completely different… how about a bomb or plunger to compliment the boom sket.

  74. K Turner

    MayonSket … I think it will definitely be a mayonnaise bottle….. because it completes the secret sauce ;)

  75. Teacheral

    Frank Kozak's grey and white apple dunny with diamond and/or golden apples with a sign selling for 5 million dollars.

  76. megamanx827

    I think that it will be a relish soda bottle either coke or pepsi looking

  77. Chris aeyler

    It’s totally going to be a”pass the grey poupon” dunny!!

  78. tantoed

    sweet relish dunny…just like the mustard one just greenish :)

  79. Carl

    I recon it’s mayonnaise but a budwieser bottle would be awesome

  80. Koga

    A fast food worker dunny that comes with a normal bottle of ketchup, mustard, and sweet relish.

  81. David

    I think it would be something like Sket one Boom design. If its another condiment dunny design, ill say Hot Sauce. That would be awsome!!!

  82. gregory aaron koller

    baked beans! perfect! the color would be awesome it's kinda teal-ish color!

  83. szunaj

    blueberry sauce
    honey bbq sauce
    hot chilli sauce
    Spring Green Sauce

  84. Winegum16

    Don’t people know there is a relish and mustard already!!!

    I’ll say mayo like most people..

  85. roo

    Hrm… what would go well with the theme so far…

    a Spork Dunny!!

    or one made up of various meat parts!

    mmm, now I'm hungry.

  86. Kaitlinn

    Mayonnaise?? Mustard??? How about the perfect combination of both! Lets call it….MAYOTARD!!! MAYOTARD DUNNY!!

  87. Miri

    I do love mayo on my burgers, but more than mayo I love chips and malt vinegar with my burger. Malt vinegar dunny it is… holding some crisp golden chips!

  88. JunO

    Kewpie Mayo with red bottle cap ear and Kewpie's face. Now that would sell in Japan.

  89. Brent Fischer

    I want to say Mayo too but after thinking about it, the other 3 are made to look like Heinz bottles and Heinz doesn't make Mayo. Gonna go crazy here and say vinegar! Clear Dunny with a Heinz vinegar label.

  90. Dave45

    tartar sauce dunny,,,,,with a bit of green thing on the skin of dunny like tartar sauce with a skull fish as accessories

  91. Andy Nap

    I really think it is going to be a relish bottle!

    Because think of it, they already made a ketchup dunny,

    And now a mustard dunny, and those are both condiments for hot dogs,

    So the next dunny would have to be relish because relish is also a condiment for hot dogs as well! -Andy Nap

  92. Alice

    I am not a fan of mayo, so I am going to go with an empty bottle of ketchup, like it is almost all clear with a little red at the bottom.

  93. stephanie

    i wanted something fuzzy, but mayo would be just as awesome. and who doesn't love a full set of…condiments.

  94. HoodieHawk

    I think it would be cool to have a coffey design, but I don't think that's it.

  95. TSmith

    I have to Say it will be a Hot Dog Dunny To go with all these delicious Condiment Dunny's However my real hope is that it's a Tara McPherson Piece! We haven't seen one of those in a while!

  96. helloeatmoretoys

    i think it's the relish one with the same body of the ketchup and mustard one only in green, but i would like to see one with a Jack Daniels top and some real JD in it. that way next time i go to an uppidy event and everyone is pulling out there fancy flasks i pull out this crazy dunny with Jack in it, aaaaaaaaaah shiiiiiiiiiiiii, it's on, granted i might need to keep it away from all my drunk friends, but then again i'm a drunk, you know what nevermind, i think you might encourage the youngins with this idea of mine. better yet make one with the Alcoholics Anonymos simbol. i drink to that. vicious cycle.

  97. GiovanniCh

    A variation of the Zombny Zombie By Triclops Studio!!!!!!! That would be AWESOOMMEEEE!!!!!

  98. Doctor O

    it might be a "Sausage" Dunny he will go with all the sauces! ,o)

  99. Loving This Tee

    So many condiments, I think it's time to have a hot dog Dunny to put all of these things on!

  100. unrel

    Pepto Bismol… because after all these condiments dunnys.. we’re going to need it..

  101. SamuraiSmurfette

    I heard a rumor that it was going to be a mayo, but I'm hopeful for a street-hot-dog vendor

  102. Gerardo

    A 3" Mayo Dunny !!!!
    Would be cool to see a tabasco dunny !!! LOL
    thanks KR!!!!!

  103. jatv

    BBQ sauce is a excellent idea for the GT dunny, because of the color, i dont know it kinda transmits the ultra rarity of the dunny.

  104. TheToyCollecter ( Phil )

    I think it’s going to be a condiment… Probably mayo or hotsauce. Maybe whipped cream or cheese in a can?

  105. Chad Hopkins

    I’m sure this isn’t it but a cool idea would be whoever got the golden ticket got to make a dummy that would be in the 2011 series. But if I had to guess I would say a dunny that has a little bit of each dunny from the 2010 serious. Good luck trying to do that tho haha

  106. Andy Nap

    I think its going to be Relish…either heinz or any other companies relish!

  107. Mikey bellew

    Personally I would love to see a grey poupon mustard dunny. Heh

  108. Matthew!!

    It would be cool if it was hot dog vendor dunny! (of course with a hot dog stand)

  109. Chuck

    With all the sauces (Relish, Ketchup), I would think it be a HOT DOG dunny.

  110. ryan

    I say Goobers bottle…you know, the peanut butter and jelly combo.

  111. justin

    it'd be great to see a clear faux-brown-glass malt vinegar dunny if we're sticking with the condiment theme.

  112. Keegan

    Obviously it's an 8" condiment dunny … it's probably been said but I'll guess Heinz 57.

    Less obviously it's a 60" Huck Gee skullhead dunny signed by SketOne

  113. Rob

    Clear dunny bottle with maybe a little "sauce" left at the bottom. Would be sick if it was runny. make it Chili sauce!

  114. Omar

    A BLT Bacon Lettuce tomatoe, with skets character Bacon holding tomatoe and lettuce!

  115. Saenz

    I will have to agree with the majority of my fellow kronikle readers and say the golden ticket dunny will be a 3" Sket One Mayo Dunny.

  116. Ditavonkiss

    I want to say mayo, but I am not sure Heinz makes mayo, if we were going to continue with the Heinz theme. But Heinz does make a tartar sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and a horseradish sauce. You know what I am going to guess a Heinz 57 sauce Dunny, final answer .

  117. Isabelle

    Samourai!Don’t know if you have some in US but well apreciated in France!