My Favorite Toy – Mr. Shane Jessup

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Submitted by Mr. Shane Jessup


Lettus Bee (Wrench Pilot) by Mel Bend, aka Andy Jenkins. Produced by Ningyoushi and Upper Playground.

Why is this toy my favorite? Such a hard question to answer. This might not be my favorite, but definitely in the “I’m glad someone made this” column of things I own. This toy represents a lot of my memories of the early 90s when I used to sit and redraw the Wrench Pilot comics and my favorite skateboard graphics at the time. Without skateboarding and the art involved, especially at that point in my life, I would not have been doing creative work at all!

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  1. STMC

    Wrench Pilot got me stoked to draw more than just super heros and ninja turtles back when I was just a skate rat doing bonelesses and no-comply’s , and now that I’m a grown-up vinyl addict I’m super stoked that this came out – I almost bought a second one just so I could keep one in the box. If only they had his hat in there …

    so yeah – one of my all-time favorites for sure. good pick!!!