Nakanari x PRODUCE® – Ninja Spiki Sneak Peek

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Taiwanese artist, Nakanari, will be exhibiting a new Mai Hiro art show at the PRODUCE® Gallery in Corpus Christi, Texas on June 5. The PRODUCE® Design team has collaborated with Nakanari to produce a new Ninja Spiki, CMYK Adult Crayon edition. There is a limited edition of 100 pieces and a pre-release of 10 will be available on the night of the opening. The rest will be available to the public later in June on the  PRODUCE® online shop. Check out the PRODUCE® fan page for more information.

CONTEST: Win a Nakanari x Kidrobot Ninja Spiki exclusive! Post a comment below to be entered to win. Drawing will be held at 12p EST tomorrow (Friday, May 28).

UPDATE: Congratulations to smashthew! You are the lucky winner of the KR Exclusive Ninja Spiki.



107 Responses

  1. Ron

    Looking for a limited edition, frosted purple Spiki version: see .

  2. trikkyluv

    PWEEESE DONT BE TOO EXPENSIVE!!! cuz ill buy you!

  3. @StaceyecatS

    Love it, too bad I dont live in texas…. Cant complain though, the miami area gets a lot of these kind of showings. @kidrobot is worse the crack when it come to addiction lol

  4. smashthew

    might have to make it down to produce! neat toys!

  5. dimply_gecko

    Been meaning to pick up one of these figs, think this will be the first one :D

  6. Ubunut

    If I win i’m gonna give it to my bro he LOVES ninjas ^_^

  7. 10years

    Vinyl is the best thing ever! You use it in toys, and you use it in the records that you spin on turntables.

  8. Tony Adorno

    Rotten Tomatoes are always the softest;)

  9. Eddie R.

    I'm a BIG Nakanari fan, so I hope to get this.

  10. abelbo

    Sorry ppl in other cities and states, I live here in corpus and very happy that we are getting our name out there. going to attend. And would like to meet the artist.

  11. Michael Noyola

    id kill for one of these toys, if i dont win it hopefully i can get it from the store. congrats guys glad to see u all are doing well : )

  12. chinwah

    Lookin' sweet! Wish I could be at the opening!

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  14. Juan vargas

    Nakanari and Kidronot are the S*#$%T

  15. Alex Lin

    Would love to add one of these to my
    collection of goodies!

  16. midean

    corpus christi x PRODUCE ♥

    Nakanari x Kidrobot Ninja Spiki perfect combination of cute and deadly, love it! want it!

  17. Michael Seday

    And I thought you could not out-do the Pink! He'd be the ultimate snow Ninja – GO MAI HIRO!!!!

  18. iBob

    Cool… this things are so cool… it's a shame I'm in Chiapas, Mexico… it's a little far to get there jaja… any ways… I want to get into de contest!! if I can… cheers to every one!!

  19. ewang

    tight! the presentation and restraint is spot on!

  20. Mel

    Pick me, because it would look soooo good in my flat, on a shelf in front of my green wall – the space is already booked ;)

  21. EndlessNinjaTheory

    That would make an awesome addition to my collection. Muah hahahahahah

  22. christine w.

    love kid robot and i love the new colorway for this spiki. i need to add this to my collection please!

  23. Roxanne!

    SUCH a fan…<3 spiki! shoutout to kuso vinyl too! :D

  24. @le_tam

    Nakanari x KidRobot whaaaaaat? I love the pink! I believe I remember seeing the Nakanari x Adult Crayon @ Wondercon 2010. dope!

  25. JHan

    Nice!! Let’s all sit around and throw ninja stars!

  26. trigger

    t'would be nice to have one, but idk…. it might kill me in my sleep :D

  27. Gerardo

    Nakanari x Kidrobot is a great combo and Ninja Spiki an awesome figure. Keep up the good work Nakanari!!!

  28. Scott Higgins

    I live in Texas but to go to Corpus Christi is an 8hour drive! Love Nakanari's work, truly bummed I will miss the show!

  29. Efrain Rosas

    Let's get serious. It releases on my birthday. Do I really need more of a reason to win this. Kidrobot rocks!!!

  30. Flora

    Wow, love it! Awesome ninja! :D Love the splash of pink~

  31. Kami

    Wow this one looks great. I love the b/w contrast with the pink.

  32. @icethy10

    aw it looks too cute!
    ….but maybe that's what it wants to think before it kills me :x