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Da Space Warrior Dunny 8-Inch

Urban vinyl pioneer Tim Tsui’s planetary primate rockets up the evolutionary ladder. Featuring the Hong Kong-based artist’s signature surreal touch, Da Space Warrior comes with a tasty banana accessory and a dazzling gemstone eye. Retailing for $75 (£65 UK; 75€ Europe) and limited to 888 pieces worldwide, Da Space Warrior lands at all Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers on June 3rd.

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12 Responses

  1. Trigger

    Sure its expensive, but look at how much they charge us Brits..Its a bloody liberty if you ask me…

    • sinDDee

      Agree'd. I'm from Canada and I had to tack on an extra $40 for shipping.

  2. Stacey Holley

    I'm Buying it. they are expensive. but this will be my first 8 inch Dunny. I think this one is worth it. wish I coulda bought Amanda Visell's tree donkey. that one was worth 75 also. the price will never go down.

  3. @walkingmonster

    As long as there are people that would pay 75.00 for a peice of plastic, We will probably keep seeing price increases from this point moving forward.

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  5. Ronin

    I'm sure it didn't cost them anymore to make the 8" Dunny's, but I am sure the artist asked for more $$$ for their art.

  6. Mrs. Lee

    I liked Dunny's better when they were $50. The increase to $75 was really unwarrented. It didn't start costing you anymore to make them….did it?

    • Bergerbot

      it probably did start costing more…but i don't think it was enough to warrant an increase