New Era XC Design Competition

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New Era has partnered with 90 design graduates from prestigious art schools all throughout Europe for the New Era XC Design Competition. Each designer was given a DIY version of New Era’s popular 59fifty fitted cap, a kit of paint markers and challenged to express themselves using the hat as a base. Not limited to just the markers, many contestants have gone above and beyond in working on these fashionable platforms. One lucky winner will receive a £10’000 prize toward launching their art career. This brilliant exhibition will be making its rounds throughout European galleries during November and December.

London: 4th – 6th November (Dray Walk Gallery, Dray Walk, E1 6QL)
Berlin: 11th -13th November (CircleCulture Gallery, Gipstraße 11, 10119)
Milan: 18th – 21st November (Spazi Originale, Via Savona 55a, 20144)
Barcelona: 25th – 27th November (Angels, C. Dels Angels, 16 08001)
Paris: 2nd – 4th December (Espace Vertbois, 40 rue Etienne Marcel, 75002)

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6 Responses

  1. TFC

    Great idea! I like the disco and the grass hats. When's Tristan's hat coming out?

  2. GetHurt718

    completely lost essence of a NE Cap,,,maybe it'll work in Europe not in the U.S

  3. yo mom

    dude… what about U.S?

    we have "prestigious" art schools here too