NEW Happy Labbit Christmas Tree Ornaments Available Now!

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   Here is another happy post from our friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking on the new Happy Labbit 5-Pack Ornaments! There’s nothing better than adding something new to your holiday traditions and Kidrobot is here to help with this five pack of Labbit ornaments.  One tradition I started with my family is setting up the Christmas tree in our basement because we have a cat that has a problem with eating everything he can get his paws on.  Once he ate an entire shirt sleeve and we had to take him to the emergency vet to get his insides lubed and have the partially digested garment retrieved.  We tested him with the tree once and he immediately tried to supplement his dinner with its artificial branches, so now it is under lock and key throughout Christmas.  Those stop motion animated specials never deal with real world problems like that.
   If your house is absent of critters trying to devour your decorations then Frank Kozik’s little bun buns are the perfect way to make your tree unforgettable.  Unlike your kids, you don’t have to pick your favorite because all five are awesome and all five come packaged together! There’s even a Krampus one that will open the door for you to throw down all of your worldly knowledge on anyone who will listen.  Just because Uncle Jeff doesn’t hear so well, doesn’t mean he doesn’t find your stories fascinating.
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