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Amanda Visell’s Jackalope is the only hope against evil, giant robots trampling on your city. Taken from her Tic Toc Apocalypse mini series, the limited edition Jackalope is 14-inches of robot-decimating plush from ears to feet.

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Your best and ONLY friend!
Smokey is fully-realized in 12-inch glory. This rotocast soft vinyl fuming behemoth of a toy comes with a removable smork, a giant ego, and only the slightest hint of irony. From who else, but Frank Kozik!
The perfect centerpiece for your toy collection, corporate coverups, or Thanksgiving dinner – Smokey is your friend at whatever event or place you could need him!

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6 Responses

  1. christian gallardo

    That jackalope looks like the fuzziest animal i've ever seen

  2. anonny

    this is getting really tiresome. What’s the point of collectors taking kr releases seriously if they’re just going to make original run toys poinltess and undistinguishable from rereleases like this. Even the packaging looks the same. Might as well take the last step, kr, and stop pretending these are unique collectors items and start selling your shovelware at toys r us and walmart. You really know how to make the people who supported you when it wasn’t cool to do so feel stupid. I’ll speak for myself here but that thrill I felt when I got my smokie back when it was still origonal was just made irrelivant by you just pushing more of the same, long sold out, item back out on the market. Way to deminish your values.

  3. Ben

    Is this the same as the one i already own? Jesus KR, what are you doing. Next you'll be repeating 8" Dunny designs. I'm so glad people are starting to wake up to your lack of imagination. I think Paul has been missing too much sleep lately.