Nicocato’s Incredible 3-inch Dunny Collection

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Hardcore art toy collector, Nicolas Caldas aka Nicocato is notorious on the Kidrobot Forums for his epic collection of 3-inch Dunnys. He first saw the little art toys in a shop in Colombia and then after a trip to New York and flying back with some blind boxes and a 20-inch Touma Dunny in the seat next to him, he was hooked. The Colombian born, Puerto Rico based collector is on a mad mission to complete every produced 3-inch set and rare exclusive. Not to mention, he has a budding custom collection as well. We caught up with Nico and picked his brain a bit about his lovely little vinyl addiction.

KR: What is it about the 3-inch Dunnys that you desire to collect everyone?

NC: What do I see in these little guys? … I guess it’s a combination of qualities, one would be the basic design, the dunny it self is a very likable mold and can be easily molded into most designs, not all platforms can work so easily to be molded into an artist creation. The second would be “price” it was very easy to start dropping 7 to 8 bucks for a blind box, of course later on, I found out about the dreaded words “flipper priced” when I wanted to get a chase I never seem to be able to pull. And third.. its mostly because I love the way they look in my house. To see them all lined up… just light up my day every morning as I walk by.

KR: What is your favorite production 3-inch Dunny?

NC: Ha! … You have no idea how many times I get asked this question, online or at my house when even the plummer asks me that, well, it’s a very complicated question, but here is my answer with some honorable mentions…

Best GID:  Endangered series, Touma, the glow looks wicked
Most original out of the box thinking for a design:  2010 series PON, Chinese take-out
My favorite dunny: LA Series COOP… I love it so much I have 3 of them, and in second place, by a hair…Series 2 big mouth, Deph.

KR: What is your favorite series?

NC: My favorite series has to be the AZTECA series 1… the look, the designs, the Latin aspect of it.. Really hits home with me.


KR: What would be your dream series?

NC: OH yes, my dream series, I have to say that It would be a colab series, KORALIE and SUPAKITCH, this power house couple has some insane designs!, I’m really hoping someone upstairs in Kidrobot reads this, and please make it come true!

KR: What would be your dream Dunny and who would it be designed by?

NC: Humm this is a tough one. But if I was say who would be an Artist to watch, and I would love to see very single design he can come up with… it would have to be the Brazilian sensation Sergio Mancini…. He first caught my eye in the Most Wanted Series 1…. And has not failed to impress ever since.