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  1. LuCi

    On phone you have win xp and maemo and ubuntu? What the hack are u talking about?
    How to order a Hackbox?

  2. XeonShaun

    i have a N900 a phone thats 100% open souce noy 75% like the rest of the N-series its not a waste atall and i want a hackerbox and i love my N900 im running win xp, Maemo 5 and ubuntu on it :) i love love love it and its sexualy fast.

  3. Seraphimia

    What a lot of waste of resources for a phone that has little more than 18month lifespan. This is just the sort of waste we need to cut back on else it will come back to bite us, big time. That’s Nokia though, all flash and no substance.

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  5. Aj

    The phone is obviously increadible if it’s almost impossible to open the package it comes in!