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Shepard Fairey was up to his old tricks recently as a new string of wheat pasted posters were spotted above Kidrobot Los Angeles and all down Melrose. Unfortunately our the next door neighbor wasn’t a fan and had it removed shortly after these pics were captured by KRLA’s assistant manager, Jed.

I don’t think that it’s any coincidence that Shepard’s out and about, especially with all the recent Banksy work sprouting up. Birds of a feather, you know…





12 Responses

  1. naaz

    the person who took the artwork down must have framed it and sell…haha

  2. voiceofreason

    REALLY?!?! Haven't we seen enough Shepard Fairey to last us many lifetimes?

  3. JesseMichael

    Don't business owners know that if anything, it is great marketing to have an OBEY piece or a Banksey piece on your Building?

    • QnInJa

      YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!!! what kind of idiot would remove something like that!!!!!!?????

  4. m0e

    u should know that he never hits just 1 spot, so when u see 1 piece look around and u will see more

  5. In My T

    Love it! I saw a nasty one posted by the Holland Tunnel in Manhattan this weekend.