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  1. Baby Wasp

    Can we not just sit back in awe at the empire that Paul has created? :) We need to recognise the guts it takes to go out and chase a dream that doesn't fit into the 9-5 realm.
    It's the dream that's priceless, net worth is just a figure.
    When you die do you want to be remembered for? Your money or your ideas? :) I know what I want. Thanks for being a dreamer Paul!

  2. wretch_ro

    since when is his empire crumbling. does anyone know krs networth?

  3. A Sitting Duck

    Great interview Paul!…

    Loved the quote at the end :]

  4. James

    "When the servers crashed five minutes after we released the SSUR Skull on Kidrobot Black web site"
    Why did the site crash Paul…… was it from all the people that saw the ridiculous pricing and thought i'm not gonna buy this…. ?

    • Bergerbot

      lol…thats what i thought
      and whats the news on the KR movie huh Paul?? (yeah thought so)

  5. Baby Wasp

    It is an absolute privilege to be on the Kronikle :) I feel like I've made it! lol. Thanks so much Paul for doing the interview!
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    Upcoming interview: Eddie Zammit from "T-World Magazine", the global t-shirt journal.
    Peace and Love Kronikles!
    Baby Wasp :)http://tinyurl.com.au/141