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Dead Bunny by Brandt Peters

Dead Bunny

Dead Bunny is the soulless ringmaster of artist Brandt Peters’ twisted nightmare carnival. Limited to just 200 made worldwide, this 6.5-inch cadaverous cottontail retails for $100 and casts his cold shadow at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers on February 4th.

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17 Responses

  1. snitchy

    looks pretty good. if i were someone who was into buying vinyl, i would probably buy this.

  2. Snydley Winkleperry

    Oh i am sooooo gonna be lurking to pounce on this bad boy as soon he leaves his hiding place!

  3. JamieP

    Even the box looks badass. My hats off to you Mr. Brandt Peters.

  4. DEPH

    Absolutely LOVE this toy. Anyone interested in trading this guy for one of my Deph toys, please email me!

  5. TheToyCollecter

    my birthday is a few months away too. in march, to be exact. I really wanted this, but i dont have enough money( i only have $60.00)

  6. JayJayFool


  7. BergerBot

    i still hear the rumour that both Rs in his name are silent (bandt petes!)

  8. popojijo

    Wow I love this and Love the packaging whoever did that really tied the whole thing together with the worn out look. A+ Kidrobot way to start the New Year off on the right foot

  9. pandabandit12

    oooh ooh ooh! i love this! crossing fingers that i get one!