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Gloomy Bear Zipper Pulls by Mori Chack

Gloomy Bear Zipper Pulls

Mori Chack’s malevolent icon returns in an assortment of 1-inch zipper pulls. Some are bloody, some aren’t, but all are ferocious. Retailing for $3.95 each, these blind assortment zipper pulls hack, slash and claw their way into Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers in mid-January.

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10 Responses

  1. Fresh

    And wbat would be really really awesome if Kidrobot would start delivering their products to the the European Shops….

  2. lego brick$

    yay they make me happy!

    i want em, ima get like 8!!
    werddddddddd grammamamamer popo.

    stop correcting grammer….

  3. Grammar Police

    Save the money Totally Cool Dude and buy some spelling lessons.

  4. Chris

    So I guess we can expect Gloomy magnets, Gloomy lampshades, Gloomy socks, Gloomy pretzels, Gloomy bottled water, Gloomy sunglasses, Gloomy condoms, Gloomy toothbrushes, Gloomy panties (bloody and non-bloody version), Gloomy harmonicas, Gloomy toolsets, Gloomy labbits and Gloomy Fatcaps in February? Feel free to stagger the Gloomy product a bit Kidrobot……it’s getting old ajnd we’re only in month 3 of the Gloomy attack.