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Gloomy Bear Dunny 8-inch

Gloomy Bear Dunny 8-inch

Mori Chack’s adorably lethal creation looms larger and more violent than ever in this Dunny version of his evil icon. At only 1500 made worldwide, the 8-inch Gloomy Bear Dunny is super limited—and beware of the bloody rare chase! Retailing for $75 each, Gloomy Bear Dunny attacks Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers November 5th.

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27 Responses

  1. Vanessa Berry

    I agree with malcom little. wtf. It doesn't have to be extravagant to be awesome. I am the most excited about the gloomy dunny. They are my two favorites combined into one!!! Simplicity is beautiful. BTW ………WHO KNOWS HOW MANY ULTRA RARE CHASE BLOODY 8 INCH DUNNYS WERE MADE??????????? I GOT ONE!!!!! and I am having a hard time figuring out ow many out of 1500 are actually the grey bloody version. PLease help if you know……

  2. chris

    I can understand $50 but $75 is pushing it. I admire the originality though. People posting do have valid points for it being too expensive and being a reasonable price.

    However, IMO, I don’t think it should cost this much, especially when it only costs 1/10 the price to produce it.

    A mini munny of the kid would be cool also. ‘from Miguelll’

  3. richie

    Gloomy and Dunny where made for each other !!! just priced a little to high for my liking. Here’s the deal, ever since Amanda’s dunny and even her labbit. Every thing else seems like the same ol’ thing. We have passion as collectors and if we shell out 75 bucks !!! Of hard earned money we want to see KidRobot look out for us ! Dazzle us ! where waiting……

  4. Max The SkUlL

    I have the 3″ and I dont have enough money to get it :(

  5. Rawkkiddo

    I for one thought this was a great design with the latest series of Dunny’s. I will be picking this up for sure to add to my ever growing army

  6. Cliefreak

    It’s really great to finally see an 8″ Gloomy Dunny!! Can’t wait to see it in person!

    Simplicity doesn’t mean bad art. This pink Gloomy is definitely one of my favorite dunnys now.

    I agree with most of the folks here on one thing though… the price tag of this dunny.

  7. MalcolmLittle

    Seriously, what the f*ck are you guys talking about? There is style and beauty in simple and clear designs. A minimum amount of “detail” is no valid criteria of what can be considered cool or price-worthy. All I can say is “about friggin’ time!” A Gloomy-styled dunny _had_ to be done, and to get one in 8″ is also a must. Cheers, KR!

  8. obsidian

    Come on KR! The 2009 series had alot of cool dunny designs to pick from, Supakitch, MAD, Huck Gee, Brandt Peters, Kronk, Andrew Bell etc. and this is the one you decide to make into an 8 inch version?!?!? What are you thinking? Maybe that is the problem, you aren’t putting any serious thought into what gets released as an 8 inch version. Its so frustrating!!!

  9. diego

    i love you kidrobot with all my heart but this is a bit outrageous, lower the price and bring cool toys :( please i love you guys

    Ex. Ron English Dunny: Cheap ($50), Rare (400), and awesome

  10. Mr. Garbage

    JEEEEZZZZUS! i could go buy an Eggy 8″ right now for $25 and paint it as Gloomy myself!

    Weak sauce, KR. Weak.

  11. n@

    well lucky you, that will cost me over £100. tempting as i love gloomy bear but its a heck of a price

  12. Jay

    Wow, I am loving how people feel obligated to buy every single Kid Robot to ever made, and if they don’t like it they get pissed.

  13. Miguelll

    This is kind of much for something that isnt so great. Should have included like a mini munny of the kid he is always with that would have been cool Or some real claws at least a little something. If there is a chase it should have been the regular dunny because the chase looks a lot better and its not worth buying and buying to try to get it. It seems like Kidrobot and its artist arent putting any effort in to 8 inch dunny’s but just see the money. I hope the next release will be great or at least the 100th release of a 8″ dunny will make up for this dunny and buff monster.

  14. lego bricks

    hmmmm, i havent started my toy collect, simply because i need a house to put it in and im 17 but honestly the person who compaires these collecter toys to a clothing line so limited that it has to be falsified needs to think about what there saying.

    toysss=clothing?? not on my planet.

    but i digress. if i had an apartment, i would deffinatly cop simply for its rareity 1500 in the world o.O. but because i dnt i wont buy it.

    hey kidrobot apparel managment, put gloomy on a tshirt or crew neck sweater! ill buy it the day its release.

  15. Bigwillie

    $75 is the new price for standard Dunnys, so deal with it kids. Can’t wait to see what a Dunny with accessories is going to run us. Either way i’m stoked on Gloomy and will def be picking it up.

  16. Rsinart

    Must agree 75$ for a pink dunny. As much as I like Gloomy I will once again pass. Almost pointless to collect anymore when theres nothing great coming out. Two months in a row, overpriced dunnys. Hell people send me a dunny and 75$ I’ll atleast give ya a custom.

  17. AV

    i said it before with the buff monster and now with the gloomy, for an 8″ toy it should be a good design. + i have like 10 of them 3″ gloomy bears

  18. Retarded_Post






  19. Jay

    It’s safe to say that I WILL be picking this up. I am usually not a fan of the 8″ Dunnys, but I’ve been a Chack fan for years and think its about time he got his own Dunny.

  20. HardDragon

    Was not a fan of the 2009 dunny 3″. Not to sure ill be picking this up.

  21. Kris

    $75 is a bit much for this Dunny….too simple and no accessories….I think I’ll pass too….