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Log Stool

Looks like Amanda Visell got axe-happy. Her magnificent Log Stool stands 17-inches tall, 14-inches wide, and features a KR + AV engraving on the back from its pre-stool days. Made of fiberglass and retailing for $300 and limited to only 100 available worldwide, Log Stool is available now at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers.

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13 Responses

  1. Silviajdm

    I thought it was a cool addition for my AV stuff until I seen the price. Not sure if I'm going to shell out $300 for this. Then again all I collect is AV stuff I guess theres no real harm here

  2. Eddie

    I like it, but I dont know if I can drop $300 on it. We'll see.. would be a great ottoman.

  3. johnny.rawtten

    yecchh! "log" and "stool" are definitely the words to describe this piece of crap. are you kidding me with this thing?

  4. UNCLE

    No Kidrobot, bad, BAD! *smacks rolled up newspaper across Paul's nose*

  5. Bergerbot

    i think KR is slowing focusing its attention to a younger audience
    it must be their parent company, WildBrain, who is causing this to happen, since they themselves are doing more work that focuses on children and pre-teens
    this kind of corporate alignment is good for business…and i think this is why they came out with kidrobot black: to throw the older audience a bone once in a while

  6. MLMD

    i came to check to price on this piece but i have to comment on the other comments. people spend 300+ for a 3 inch vinyl toy with paint on it that sits on a shelf, why not something 500% bigger that doubles as a seat for little people. not for me personally but it'll sell out no doubt. oh, and just cause you don't like it doesn't mean its stupid. its art…..comment on something you do like instead.

  7. TheGFM

    I guess my OTHER comment wasn't "approved" from last night.

    This is MORONIC, KR. Absolutely ridiculous release.

  8. snappy

    great way to search for idiots who will part with $300. Good luck KR.

  9. Matt

    I think this is stupid, overpriced, and pathetic. I'll just go cut a tree down in my backyard, treat the wood and carve a face into it for about $300 less.

  10. jevon

    I think he’s great. I like how even though he’s not a tree anymore,he’s still smiling lol. He’s the under dog! I plan on getting one!!!