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Oil Slick Dunny 8-Inch by SKWAK

Oil Slick Dunny 8-Inch

Strike it rich with these eye-popping, super limited Dunnys from French artist Skwak. Sporting a maniacal grin and clutching two cans of liquid fortune, Oil Slick Dunny is covered nearly head to toe in a healthy splattering of the crude stuff. Just don’t let him drink your milkshake.

At only 500 of each edition made, Oil Slick Dunny drops on February 18th and retails for $75. The “gold” edition of Oil Slick Dunny will be available only at Kidrobot stores and select retailers and the “oil” edition will be available exclusively at

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22 Responses

  1. DownforDunnys

    There are all 100% vinyl. Nice figures. Haters back up!

  2. John "Neo_182"

    Ouch my wallet…

    I think i speak for everyone when i say , guys please bring down the prices on the 8 inches.
    Even for hardcore collectors that price is a little steep. I myself have to cut back on many of my purchases. We do appreciate all the work the artists are doing and understand the cost of production , but come on , OUCH! my wallet. ;)


  3. Laszlo

    They are cool. Price is fine. If you can’t afford don’t buy it.

  4. rawkkiddo

    if it is too much for you then dont buy. You forget that not only does kidrobot need to make money on this but they need to give a portion to the artist. If you like to collect vinyl, well then the price should not be a problem.

  5. useless

    Nice There Will Be Blood reference in the description…

  6. Bergerbot

    leave kidrobot alone! if they want to charge exorbitant prices for their collectible figurines then let them. they are expanding and they need to pay for all their shiny new stuff: new HQ in Colorado, new LEED platinum house for Paul Budnitz and wifey, London store, probably a Japanese store, Kidrobot movie

    • Jason

      The design is cool. Love the splatter idea on transparent vinyl.

  7. @davemattic

    I have been buying Dunnys since series 3 came out in 06. I went from buying 3-4 dunny 8" releases to buying 0-1. The last Dunny I bought (8" or 3") was the Kronk tree hugger.

    The designs are pretty lame and the $75 price tag is ridiculous to keep up on any sort of release.

  8. Dave

    Seriously Kidrobot, charging $75 for an 8" dunny is disgusting and insulting. You are alienating countless new fans and distancing yourself from people like me who have been fans for years. Making something more expensive does not make it more collectible. Are you that desperate for cash, that you would mark something like this up that high? What possible justification could there be?

  9. droppixel

    Exclusively at so they can rape this crap outta the consumer with shipping charges!! Bad enough the Dunnys are now $75…

  10. Lord Schwas

    yikes – these look like the clear plastic Dunny – like the Der 7" – you know , the one I bought without knowing it was plastic instead of vinyl … the only Dunny in my collection that doesn't deserve space on the shelf with the rest – the only 7" Dunny besides the Obey one that I want to paint over…

    i'm huge( like HUGE ) on toys – but these clear plastic Dunny's just feel cheap and shitty . sorry – but it's true. make 'em in Vinyl!!!!!!!!!