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  1. Christian

    I'm calling robot and sea monster as secret chases based on her show of the same name

    by the way the block soldier is an elephant i believe

  2. ChristianG.

    my favorite one of your A.V. is that jackalope your one my favorite animal drawers

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  4. Bergerbot

    wow KR is really busting a nut over this Visell dame

  5. shuzluva

    That Gryphon is ridiculous! The paint and detail on these is fantastic and I love how some of the pieces are carefully balanced.

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  7. jonpaulkaiser

    These all look so awesome!!! Please don't let the giant, flying gnome or the elephant be chases.

  8. 666ways2love

    there are only 11 pictured… does that mean 3 chase figures???

  9. Valerie

    best mini series kr has ever produced. ever.

  10. Bo M.

    Wow, Amanda Visell has got it going on! I'm so excited to pick up these