Product Preview – Charlie & Cosmic Garbage

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UPDATED: 9/20/10

Charlie & Cosmic Garbage

The land of the Rising Sun is home to some awesomely weird stuff including design powerhouse Shelterbank. With a half-dozen eyes, a crown and more colors than a triple rainbow, the 6-inch rotocast soft-vinyl duo Charlie & Cosmic Garbage have come a long way to deliver a full-on double dose of weird and awesome. This 2-pack is limited to 300 pieces and will be available at Kidrobot stores, and very select retailers September 30 for $100 US (£90 UK; 100€ Europe).

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26 Responses

  1. JEMoores

    Every business owner knows the customer is always right. That's why opinions matter. Everyone that posted here has purchased toys from KR. For marketing, this kind of forum is tops. What's worse than having a product bashed publicly in a forum? Having it ignored. I think it's always good to polarize customers. Those who love it, and those that hate it. Both groups will talk about it that way. Due to anonymity folk tend to openly express what they hate on line more than in real life. It's a great outlet for modern frustrations. Go ahead. Express to me in detail why you hate it so much… designers love to know what makes you tick.

  2. anonymous

    Im tired of all these negative comments if you dont like it dont say anything about it. But no you just keep trashing on Shelterbanks awesome work that im sure he worked hard to think of. And when you come down to it its not about the price or the way it looks you just have to appreciate the unique art styles each artist uses when making toys.

  3. Angel

    haha, I'm not buying this either, both due to overpriced and crappy.

  4. Paul Naeimollah

    this is so terrible. Shelterbank makes the worse dunny in YEARS and then you give him a 100 dollar toy that is even worse? What about Damarak the Destroyer, Doktor A, Beast Brothersand many others artist that deserve to have a figure made? Jeremyville gets a mini series and now shelterbank gets a figure? i'm sad :-( 100 dollars!? wow.

    • bergerbot

      i feel like Damarak and Doktor A are gonna have their come-upin's soon (in a good way of course)

    • bergerbot

      im just gonna blindly agree with u…though i dont know which lisa

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  6. akn220

    These suck! Who allows this kind of stuff to be produced??? If this set were 50 dollars, I wouldn't say a word, but you guys are crazy if you think something like this will sell well at 100 dollars.

    By the way, half a dozen isn't 7. It's 6. Also a triple rainbow has way more color than these pieces o crap.

    • bergerbot

      well im glad to see someone likes it
      they just remind me too much of stuff you'd get at mcdonalds
      and all those characters creep me out

  7. Daniel.A

    i agree that KR should bring in more artists
    but whats the point when nobody can afford it. If you ask me i would have made a little series showcasing some artists individual shapes and not use the tired out dunny as a template. But on the other hand kidrobot do a lot of serieses(?) and need to break away from that.

  8. OZ~

    "Cosmic garbage"….yepp, pretty much nailed that one on the head.

    Wow, AND an absurd price tag. No thank you.

  9. bergerbot

    meh…not my cup of tea
    but i like the direction KR…definitely time to bring in more artists
    oh and uh….next KR Black piece please?