Product Preview – DJ Lance Dunny

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DJ Lance Dunny

Get your sillies out with this 3-inch Dunny of Kidrobot’s pal DJ Lance Rock! from Yo Gabba Gabba!  The number one DJ in Gabba Land brings the beats with his boom box and trademark tall furry hat for $11 including tax in an exclusive pre-release & signing at Kidrobot’s ComicCon booth #4529 on July 25.  The DJ Lance Dunny dances into Kidrobot stores, and select retailers on September 2 for $9.95 US (£9.00 UK; 10€ Europe).

18 Responses

  1. AychD33

    Love it, goooooo gooooooo gooooooooo, do the Lance!!!!!!!!


    Theres a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy.

  3. sunburstreppin

    absolutely no artistic uniquenesss was used in this dunny, a 3rd grader could've designed it. god KR is falling apart

    • lambylove123

      Gosh, could you be ruder? Kidrobot JUST came out with TWO NEW SERIES for Dunnys! They've always supported Yo Gabba Gabba. Almost every other day a new piece of art is released!!!! Don't be so judgmental!

  4. Jen

    This is cool! There isn't even a Dj Lance doll yet. Next should be a Kidrobot Gooble.

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    • the dooderino

      An 8-incher would be great with my YGG xKR set

  6. Terry Mullan

    Big up DJ Lance Rock and the entire MOS massif!!

    • davidian

      rock over chicago rock over STL rock over San Diego!!!