Product Preview Early September 2010

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24-inch Mustache Labbit Plush

Get ready for GIANT mustache rides as San Francisco based designer toy godfather Frank Kozik drops twenty-four happy inches of soft, mustachio’d Labbit fun. Releasing September 2 for $150.00 US (not available in Europe) at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers.

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Lard Lad

The massive mascot of Homer Simpson’s favorite donut emporium, Lard Lad is 6-inches of donut hoarding vinyl. Get a heaping helping at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers September 2 for $39.95 US (£36.00 UK; 40€ Europe).

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DJ Lance Dunny

Get your sillies out with this 3-inch Dunny of Kidrobot’s pal DJ Lance Rock! from Yo Gabba Gabba!  The number one DJ in Gabba Land brings the beats with his boom box and trademark tall furry hat into Kidrobot stores, and select retailers September 2 for $9.95 US (£9.00 UK; 10€ Europe).

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13 Responses

  1. amz

    There's only so many people to cater for all the labbit's produced in the world

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    […] Robot’s shown off some early preview figures from their upcoming September collection. The sneak peak takes a look at a brand new Labbit plush, a Lard Lad Donuts figure from […]

  3. AMES Z.

    Sorry spell check, my thumbs are to big. Should say Koziks in the first sentence and in the last: Dingleberries ALL OVER it’s face.

  4. AMES Z.

    Isn’t there more to Frank Kozik imagination ? I really don’t understand how these ” Labbits” keep selling. I hear the next one will come with a turd hanging from it’s anus and dingleberries almoner it’s face.

  5. hova0023

    I love the labbit, it’s pricey but looks awesome. I like that it’s not smorkin. Frank’s style is more than just a cig in the mouth. They’re are 3 waves of smorkin minis, and there’s already a giant Smokey, that’s enough for me.

  6. lambylove123

    Wow, those labbit just keep getting bigger and better!!

  7. Loving This Tee

    Can't afford the labbit, but I can still dream of having a ginormous stache labbit in my room! Love the closeup shot of the butthole haha

  8. TMc

    would be excited for the labbit if it was smorkin, first they screwed up the sarge plush and now this

  9. 10years

    I got excited for the Labbit until I read it was $250. Other than that, AWESOME PRODUCTS!!