Product Preview – Junkocat Chococat

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Seldom straying from her subterranean post-apocalypse lair, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty pal Chococat gets a brave new world make-over by Japanese manga mistress, Junko Mizuno. This kitty is hauntingly cute, featuring wild eyes, a third ear and Junko’s signature imprinted on the back of her mutated head. Junkocat is the third in a series of Sanrio characters to be reinterpreted by different artists. Standing 6-inches tall and retailing for $39.95 US (£36.75 UK; 40€ Europe), Junkocat Chococat is available at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers starting January 13.

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17 Responses

  1. JagerRob

    I heard Junko will be doing a show @ New People some time soon.

  2. Toast

    I like it, specifically the twisted feeling of the design and how it "changes" form from a different angle. I'm not sure if that was intentional, but that's what makes it interesting :)

  3. Steph

    This just screams, "I should not be!" And this from someone who loves Junko's art. It looks like one of the deformed Sharif clones from Squidbillies.

  4. JagerRob

    I heard Junko is coming to SF Kidrobot for signing :)

  5. Stephanie Moss

    i love this!! junko is an amazing artist, and i can't wait to get this in my collection. i guess you really have to understand junkos designs to appreciate her work! we'll be getting one for sure!

  6. TFC

    Too much Hello Kitty toys. If KR's gonna' make a Hello Kitty toy they mind as well do that penguin guy. He rocks!