Product Preview – The Burglars Dunny

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Popular Mexican artist Saner’s deviant duo celebrates this holiday season Bonnie and Clyde-style. Main man Santa Barbaja wields Saner’s iconic skull-faced grin masked by a removable flocked beard, wears a fabric hat, and carries a reindeer skull impaled on his staff. He is chased by fellow felon Burglarcillo, who boasts his own fabric hat and gingerbread man. The blindboxed Burglars retail for $14.95 US (£13.50 UK; 15€ Europe) and are available at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers starting November 18.

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40 Responses

  1. Nexus

    Please could you let us know what has warranted a increase to £13.50 for a single blind box? Dunny's are already so expensive and now you decide to increase the price over Christmas……..why?

    This is really just another poor decision when it comes to selling your products.

  2. Scooper

    why is everyone worried about getting a chase? its just like last year the chase is a little lighter than the regular i only bought 3 and got both of them so its not that bad… but i also hear that the word on the street is that there is a third varient so we'll see what pops up… o wait i has it :] yeah there are three but i dont want to spoil it for ya'll so have fun looking for one ;p

  3. ClarkR

    Me gusta Mucho!

    And to the above posts… It's not realllly a blind box… It's one figure that has a chase….like every other holiday release…

  4. avidphoto

    These holiday dunnys are the worst ever!!! Where's the originality?!?! Thanks Kidrobot, for screwing up my hopes!

  5. Paul Naeimollah

    It was cool when holiday dunnys were only 10 dollars because I could buy 4 and be OKAY with them all being in the same in my effort to get the chase. Now, i'm much more aprehensive to buy more than one :-(

  6. Paul Naeimollah

    Finally my favorite artist Saner gets some love again!!! this is the coolest christmas dunny ever! I hope the chase isn't too rare. What's with the 50 percent price hike? WOW.

  7. avidsbro

    Well, guess this is the first year I don't add a holiday dunny to my collection. Seriously, who makes these decisions?!

  8. PanchoPistolas

    Inches Gringos, nadamas se quejan x cualquier jalada… disfruten las cosas que tienen cerca weyes… viva SANER y Mexico putos¡¡¡¡

  9. samy

    its the same design that he did for azteca dunny, nothing new to offer COPY PASTE COPY PASTE

    • bergerbot

      yea ur right….it totally has the "Wet Bandits" feel from the "Home Alone" movies…you know, those two thieves played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern….awesome movies…thats probably why you and I are gonna get atleast one blind box

  10. poonieone

    wow- we’ve been looking forward to this announcement for months. What a freakin let down. This design is for lack of better words, played out. The flesh color one is creepy and im pretty sure that the yellow was one was in series 4. Not to mention the fact that there was a “bad santa and elf” LAST YEAR. Why not make Mrs Clause or a nutcracker. Heck you could get Sket to make a condiment eggnog dunny lol! Seriously too creepy too played and too bad we’ll never see the creativity of kronks gbread dunny again. see ya kr!

      • TFC

        I know! I was hoping for another Kronk. This is just messed up. This design doesn't even have anything to do with Christmas. Remember Mr. Shivers. Remember Naughty Reindeer. Remember Gingerman. Remember Tado. What were you thinking, KR?!

    • avidsbro

      Man – you NAILED! This was not in series 4 though….it was Azteca series. At least he's recycling.

      • Jessica

        recycling is bull @#$% its just lame to see a design that was decent recycled into something that doesn't make sense in two different colors

  11. T-RAV3R

    I like that the chase is attainable. $14.95 MSRP!?!? (good thing that’s only there suggestion) I’ll get them, but I will be looking to the secondary market (eBay ect) defiantly won’t spend $89.70 pre tax + s&h to get my set.

  12. Captain

    these are cool, especially the yellow one but $15 for a single blind box? c'mon now.

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  14. TFC

    BOO! Hate it! These are terrible. You would have to pay me to put these in my collection. I don't like being a downer, but I'm very disapointed in this one, KR.

  15. becky

    I think it’s ridiculous to have blind boxes when there are only 2 of them. It’s not even being sold as Santa with a rare variant possible.

  16. guest

    I'm not impressed with these at all. Ugly designs, definitely not worth the price.