Product Preview. Kozik X Kidrobot. The Mini Marvel Labbit Series!

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These guys are real butt holes. Featuring some of the wickedest Marvel icons, The Mini Marvel Labbit Series boasts ten dangerous, dominating, and devouring designs. Each 2.5-inch vinyl labbit is blind packed and deadly. ‘Nuff said.


Labbit dives into the Marvel Universe on a conquest of domination. Naturally attracted to the baddest butt-holes around, Labbit becomes one with the most wicked and sadistic supers.  A mix of super-villians and anti-heros, these Labbits are the ultimate Smorkin’ Machines. ‘Nuff said!-

Labbit enters the Marvel Universe September 12. Mini Marvel Labbit Series retails for $9.99 US and is available at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers.