Product Preview – The Simpsons Mini Series 2

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The Simpsons Mini Series 2

Matt Groening and Kidrobot join forces once again to embiggen your vinyl collection! This new 25-character series features some of Springfield’s most notable citizens including extended family members and lovable barflies, as well as alternate versions of your favorite nuclear family. The blind boxed series is available for $9.95 US (£9.00 UK; 10€ Europe) at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers starting October 28th.  Keep your eyes peeled for two top-secret chases!

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39 Responses

  1. Paul Naeimollah

    The owner at my local comic shop bought a case and instead of a zombie he got 2 mariachis. This throws me off a bit…I'm guessing Bart and Homer are 1/50 to match the 2 mariachi figures?

  2. Howard

    @CWB you're pretty much guaranteed a zombie in one case, since there are 5 zombies. It comes out to 5/100 figures, or 1/20. Unless you're unlucky

  3. Geneva

    I got Disco Stu today. He's a black figure on the box, and it just has ?'s. Anyone happen to know his probability by any chance or how much he's worth? Thanks. ;)

  4. CWB

    This is crazy…How am I suppose to get these for my husband at 10$ a piece that's what I make in an hour! I got a case of the last set for him and he almost get a complete set…But at only 20 per case he isn't going to come close. What's up with coming out with Zombie ones NEAR Halloween and then giving us the worst chance of ever getting them! ?/?? for what 5 different ones this is crazy so in order to have a case at 1 zombie I have to buy 5 cases! ARE YOU KIDDING? This is such a joke! I feel sorry for the simpsons fans who are sitting with no money and have a small budget for x-mas getting only 3 boxes for X-mas is going to stick!

  5. Clary

    These are great! The whole Zombie set is awesome. I'm trying to figure out what the mystery figures are and I know one of them is. . . . . Disco Stew! I can't really see the outline of the other figure.

    • CWB

      My Son & Husband seem to think it's Grandpa with his hat on from Shinner's

  6. rick

    KR please post a chart with case breakdown i.e the ratios please.

  7. asfdasdfasfd

    can someone tell me who that characther is right behind lenny

  8. Paul Naeimollah

    Kidrobot has become for the rich. Who can afford 10 dollars a BB? a 2 dollar increase from the last series. Best thing is they have all the 1/100 chases which theoretically would cost 1000 to get, on the main page. Really makes me sad. Even though I don't want to, im going to have to pass on this series…can't afford to get caught up in it.

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  11. TonyaLouBug

    I'm really diggin' on the the sea captain's crazy eyes what a fun series

  12. rustedhalo

    too bad all the Zombie ones are 1/100 IMO the only interesting one's in this series. Oh but you'll get a Mariachi set cause those are 1/25…LAME!

  13. TFC

    SUPER DOPE!! But I try not to buy the mini-figures that are worth $10. KR should totally have a signing with Matt Groening. The zombie ones are perfect for Halloween this year. Is there going to be a special dunny release for Halloween like there is on Christmas? That would be DOPE!

  14. douggy flip flop

    be patient dude. everyone knows theyres a family guy series on the way.

  15. Cheeky

    Come on The Simpsons AGAIN? Seriously, The Simpsons hs been done and its so sell out. Come on Kidrobot, so many better shows you could tweek into sweet ass toys, just think stewie from family guy, the posibilities are endless!!!!

      • CheekySucks

        This guy is a retard. You have no clue what the hell your saying. Go watch Family Guy.

    • Carcass2000

      Family guy f*cking sucks. I see family guy toys being about as successful as the Adult Swim toys, and by that I mean not at all. Family Guy is like the Simpsons, but for dumbasses. Go crawl back under your rock and watch your TV shows devoid of any originality or humor, and leave the the discussion to the intelligent ones.

  16. Paul Naeimollah

    zombie marge and maggie look incredible but zombie bart and homer look weak because it looks like they used the same molds as the last series.

  17. eatmoretoys

    godamit i have no money but im fin to get this mugs, dammit i need some loot