Product Preview – Toby’s Secret Society Mini Series

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The mythologies behind any secret society are complex and powerful. From the Masons to the Illuminati, mystery, intrigue, and deep spiritual roots can be traced back through their histories in both subtle and dangerous ways.

Toby, the protector of dreams, memories, and darkest secrets, commands a sect of 11 spirits and brethren – the Disciple, the Princess of Secrets, the Goddess of Dreams, the Knight of Good Fortune, and the Seven Sacred Magi: Compassion, Destiny, Freedom, Lust, Love, Trust, and Truth – a select group of 3-inch figures chosen to represent the impulses of man. 2,500 cases include the full artist collection – buy one of these and your fraternal order will be complete. The secret society comes to light October 20 at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers for $9.95/blind box (£7.90 UK; 9.20€ Europe).

Can you be trusted?

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