Product Sneak Peek Early July 2010 – Thoughts In Jeremyville

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Thoughts In Jeremyville Super-Mini Series

Each of the 1-inch musings in this new super-mini series from Australian comic artist Jeremyville represent everything that’s on his mind, from love and money to death and cheeseburgers. The blind-boxed 1-inch figures retail for $3.95 US (£3.75 UK; 4€ Europe), the Thoughts In Jeremyville Super-Mini Series arrives at all Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers on July 8.

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  1. Christian Gallardo

    thats looks like i should collect then all

  2. Colorado Air

    The posters are right- a teaser is supposed to tease… but that means not just showing you a closeup UNLESS you already know what it is, like a Gloomy-Dunny (icon)… a teaser for a whole series of figures made by an artist like J-Ville needs to show you something awesome (with the rest blurred or alluded to) that gives an idea of what the whole series will look like. Because doing this is just annoying people and turning them off from the start…

    And with the amazing Dunny 2010 coming (that was hated-by-default by many for the first time), it's not going to be long until KR-products have gone so far away from their og mission that there's no turning back. No one would believe that the red/black giant Gorillaz came 5+ years *before* this.

    Hope the Colorado air (and … vegetation) is treating you well. lol. Maybe it's time to prove to the ones who stayed behind (ie: the whole company) that there was something behind ceo vanity/vacation about leaving.

  3. Hopeful

    i agree! no more sneak peeks please! lets get the monthly releases back, thanks! whoever came up with this idea needs to look at the community and see how it can benefit it before coming out with such a ridiculous way of marketing. This is one step back instead of moving forward. Good luck KR and hope you guys learn from your mistakes!


    In all seriousness though this picture sucks. U shouldnt show such a closeup of something so small because it shows all the imperfections. kid reboot is making their toys small and cheap these days already, you don't need to flaunt it. this is also a horrible example of this series. an ugly dark green pyramid with a badly drawn eye????????? OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My thoughts are of marijuana and naked women. that would make a way cooler miniseries that u could post sneak peaks of on the krapikle.

  5. Kidrobot

    You know, we all enjoy to post comments and criticisms whether positive or negative – that's the point of having an open forum. And that's what we encourage here on the KRonikle! But there is a big bold line where negative feedback turns into unwarranted personal attacks that have no benefit for the vinyl community. So come on guys lets keep it clean.


      NO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRYIN TO MAKE A POINT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. peterose

    I hate this sneak peek crap, show the series or don't. I miss the old monthly releases on the boards.

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    • Jeremyville

      hey thanks 10years, looking forward to it dropping, KR did an awesome job on the whole series. Hope you dig it when it comes out! thanks again.